Shaw University Reopens Tornado-Damaged Buildings

Shaw University President Dorothy Yancy said it has reopened the Willie Gary Student Center damaged during last year’s tornado.

During an interview on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, Yancy said it’s been a difficult year, but it’s back – with lots of help from many supporters, including Willie Gary, the university’s board chairman and an alumnus.

“We’ve been camping out all year, all the windows are fixed. We are happy, happy, happy.  You can say we’re back,”  Yancy said. “You could say we’re moving the university forward….It’s been a bottoms-up and top-down to get us back.”

Students are in the midst of final exams and the university’s staff are planting lots of flowers and getting the campus back in order. Over the past year, enrolled dropped by nearly 350 students, Yancy said. She said there was a rumor that Shaw was closed.  “We’ve put all that to rest,” she added.

Click on the link below to view images of the campus on the day of the tornado, April 16, 2011.


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