Gerald Griffin, Chicago, Ill.

Gerald Griffin 4

“How much can one learn about an artist by looking at his work?” A review of painter, sculptor and poet, Gerald Griffin’s latest pieces reveals a great deal about the soft-spoken artist’s life and passions.

His work is emotionally intense figures in urban environment, dynamic geometrical shapes and hidden layers of underlying images within a unique cubist composition, and historically provocative scenes from the Black experience in America that both uplift and haunt the viewer. Each scene conveys a sense of longing and acceptance, while at the same time, Gerald’s bold use of color and strong compositional elements convey the intense beauty the artist sees in the world around him. His paintings invite the viewer on a journey to explore a world that exists but is often unknown within the hustle of everyday life. Gerald Griffin’s personal journey as an artist began in his childhood. Born in the 1960’s on the northwest side of Chicago, Gerald showed an aptitude for art from an early age.

Gerald’s experiences have led him to a wide range of subject matter. One canvas may depict the softly curving lines of a child’s smiling face against a vibrant forest, and the next might show the winding streets and steel structures of an urban metropolis; but all of Gerald’s work invites the viewer to join him in the adventure of life.

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(c) By GeraldGriffin

(c) By GeraldGriffin


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