Gallery Guichard Fine Art Gallery: Helping People Collect Art with a Purpose

Andre Guichard, artist, curator, and co-owner of Gallery Guichard Fine Art Gallery in Chicago, got his first exposure to art through the eyes of his father who painted throughout his childhood.  His cousin, the late great outsider artist, William Dawson, als
o inspired Andre’s artistic influence. Guichard has been painting professionally for 20 years  His works can be found in over 1,000 corporate and private collections nationally and internationally.

Guichard is well known internationally. Last year, he was one of the featured artists at the San Alejandro University and the Blue Havana Circle gallery in Havana, Cuba, a bridge of fine art between Havana, Cuba and America. For the third consecutive year, he is the national curator and spokesperson for Russell Simmons and Bombay Sapphire’s Artisan Series. Guichard was responsible for the coordination and judging of the 2,600 artists submissions nationally with approximately 400 Chicago artists submissions.

(c) By Andre Guichard

His work also has been commercially recognized. In 2010, six of his original paintings were featured on canvas totes as part of Walgreen’s Community Corner program distributed in 7,000 Walgreen’s stores nationwide. He has a permanent installation in the Bronzeville Jazz McDonald’s (the 25,000th McDonald restaurant),  featuring six images from his Jazz Series in Chicago.

The graduate of Illinois State University who majored in economics also completed the Kellogg School of Management Executive Program at Northwestern University. In addition to practicing his craft, Guichard was as curator of the South Shore Cultural Center in Chicago.  You can click here to see more of Andre Guichard’s extension collection of work.


(c) By GeraldGriffen

Gallery Guichard is excited to join the Tom Joyner Foundation in helping to support Historically Black Colleges and Universities on the Fantastic Voyage Cruise April 7 – 14, 2013. Gallery Guichard fine art gallery will conduct seminars and provide art by artists from around the world for purchase and live auction.

Look out for more information on the artists, their works and how you can purchase works before the cruise in upcoming newsletters.

(c) By Daria Amerik

Since 2005, Gallery Guichard fine art gallery has been home to many artists from around the globe. It is considered a beacon of light in the Bronzeville community, located at 3521 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Chicago, Ill. Elegantly housed in a three-story

sandstone building, in the historic Chicago neighborhood, Gallery Guichard is not only a great place for art, but also a great experience.

The gallery’s mission is to expose the community to the artwork of multicultural artists while specializing in the art of the African Diaspora. The African Diaspora is the spreading out of the people who descended from Africa as a result of movement around the world due to slavery or, their own volition, through migration, mainly to the Amercias, Europe and the Middle East.  Historically, as far back as the beginning of mankind in Africa, art has been a piece of the fabric woven into our culture.

(c) By GeraldGriffin

On the Fantastic Voyage, Gallery Guichard’s co-owners, Andre and Frances Guichard, will give you an artful experience and will assist you with all of your art needs.  Andre is a renowned fine artist of 21 years, gallery director and the national curator for the Bacardi USA, Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series while his wife Frances, operates as administrator and business manager.

Be prepared to find that special piece of art for your home or office while supporting HBCUs. Click on the attached link to experience Gallery Guichard’s African-American artists such as Andre Guichard, Gerald Griffin, Ted Ellis, Adam Guichard, Pearlie Taylor, Kudzai Mutasa, Rhonda Gray, Dana Todd, Raymond Thomas, Danny Campbell, and many more as well as artists from Cuba, South Africa, Nigeria and Senegal. Click here for a preview of Gallery Guichard. Feel free to browse the Flickr galleries to learn more about the gallery’s vast collection:  Gallery 1, Gallery 2

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