Annie Lee Memorial Scholarship

White Night(Giclee)

For Annie Lee, art become a way for her to tell stories about the world around her. In some of her work, you can see how she has captured a scene she has personally witnessed. In other pieces, you see her whimsical view of the world – full of color, humor and the human experience.

Annie Lee’s partnership with the Tom Joyner Foundation dates back more than 10 years. In 2007, she was commissioned to create the “official” image for the Fantastic Voyage that year, only the second time such an image was requested. What makes “White Night” so special is that it was only sold during that year’s cruise.  Additionally, she worked closely with Tom Joyner who commissioned her to do dozens over pieces over the years from Christmas Cards to celebrations of HBCUs to political messages.

Years ago, when asked about her inspiration for her poignant “White Night” painting, she shared a story that reflected so much on her unique ability to capture moments in time with color, emotion and detail.  Lee talked about watching the thousands of cruise passenger adorned in their white attire during one of the themed “dress up” nights on the Fantastic Voyage.  As she recalled, “Everyone looked like angels.”

As we celebrate the life of Annie Lee, we ask you to purchase a copy of “White Night” for your personal collection or as a gift.  Remember, this is an exclusive offer: There are the only remaining prints.

All proceeds from the sale will benefit the Tom Joyner Foundation/Annie Lee Memorial Arts Fund that will be used to provide scholarships to the “TJF Fine Arts Scholars”, recognizing talented young artists HBCUs who aspire to become the next Annie Lee, Elizabeth Catlett, Jacob Lawrence or Romare Bearden.

Thank you for your support – and investing in our HBCUs.

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