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“Speakers poppin, crisp beats on my stereo…I read and have been read. Like a Phoenix I keep rising although I should been dead. Things happening all around, creativity flows from, the head, the end. I am a product of the hip-hop era and art has been my outlet for years. Music has fueled my creativity and I give a visual response to it. Art has changed and inspired my life in many ways, and my desire is to express that creativity with the world.”

FV2014 LogoDerrock Burnett was born and raised in Gary, Indiana but currently lives and works in Dallas. He is currently an adjunct
instructor with the Art Institute of Dallas. He received his Master’s of Fine Art degree with a concentration in painting from Indiana State University in 2011. His art is a visual expression of the emotions and issues reflective of life in relation to music and art.

It is full of graphic responses that have been directly inspired through music. Much of his life’s experiences as an artist can be associated with a song or described in the language both musical and visual art share.

Concentrating on the figure and portrait, he makes expressive compositions with a variety of images collaged into a complete illustrative thought. All of the imagery in his work is formulated into a type of collage. Ideas and images manifest themselves through a variety of mediums and materials. His intent is to engage the viewer and cause him/her to connect with aspects of the piece. Sometimes the message is obvious, but when looking again viewers can find a variety of things in the work in which they connect. He creates with the purpose of always providing his audience with more than the initial perception.

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Derrick Burnett

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