California Love: California’s community college system has launched a new program with HBCU’s


California’s community college system has launched a new program, making easier for it’s students to attend Historically Black Colleges & Universities.

A  California  community college system student with 60 credits, will be guaranteed to enter one of 9 participating HBCUs as a junior. Although there aren’t any HBCU’s in California there has been some interest among the students there; 17 historically black colleges already had transfer relationships with HBCU’s.

The California community college system signed agreements with Bennett College, Dillard University, Fisk University, Lincoln University in Missouri, Philander Smith College, Stillman College, Talladega, Tuskegee University and Wiley College. The community colleges involved are to make information about the 9 HBCUs available to students.This deal will benefit the HBCUs involved and The California Community College System. California students will now have the option of attending a HBCU to complete their 4 year degree and Helps the HBCUs in their search for potential new students.

Denise Noldon, the community college system’s vice chancellor for student services and special programs, said the agreements will just make it easier on students who would consider transferring to a historically black college.

“I think it just extends the options available,” Noldon said.