The Next Lesson

Rewind to 2009. In 2009, Blaine Robertson was the recipient of the Tom Joyner Foundation Full-Ride Scholarship. To date, this has been the Foundation’s most prestigious scholarship. A recipient is recognized for academic distinction as well as strong character and personal qualities.

At East St. John High School, Blaine was president of the student council, band captain and varsity soccer captain. He also participated in the school’s peer mediator program which helped to resolve disputes among his schoolmates. Graduating with a 3.81 GPA, Blaine’s qualities were evident early on. The scholarship greatly benefited Blaine and he was very grateful to be a recipient.

“It was a great stress reliever and I didn’t have to worry about loans,” said Robertson.

Oh his college selection, Blaine chose Howard University.  He wanted to get away from home as well as the band and educational opportunities that would be offered.

A senior at Howard, Blaine continues to be actively involved and strong academically. He is a part of the “Showtime” Marching Band, Louisiana Social Club and president of the Eta Omega chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi National Honorary Band Fraternity, Incorporated all while still obtaining a 3.5 GPA. As a mathematics major, math has always been his passion.

Upon graduation, Blaine aspires to use his intellect to teach mathematics in high school and  possibly become a college professor.  He would like to go back to his old high school and give back to the community. Blaine knew he wanted to teach since elementary school.

“I got really good grades. I could pick up on other people and realized how much I could help.”

After teaching for awhile, Blaine would like to go to graduate school, either Louisiana State University or Tulane University.

Blaine is already a step ahead in the next direction. In the spring, he plans to do student teaching at Dunbar Senior High School in Washington, D.C. teaching Algebra I to 9th graders.

“Strive for the Highest”. Blaine lives by this motto because it fits any endeavor and it reminds him to always do his best in every aspect of life.

“Whenever I am doing something or am a part of something that is important, I put 100% of myself into making it something better for and more meaningful to myself and anyone else it affects.”

Sybil Wilkes, on air personality from The Tom Joyner Morning Show, knew Blaine was the one right from the start.

“From the moment we met Blaine Robertson during the TJF Full Ride interviews, I was struck by 2 things: Blaine appeared to be very comfortable in his own skin (and hair!). There was no pretense about him-just an easiness and confidence,” said Wilkes.

Blaine’s aspiration of becoming a teacher was no surprise to Sybil.

“I thought this would be exactly what he would need no matter what he chose to pursue-but especially in the primary goal he laid out during the interview: to be a Teacher!”


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