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Artworks Featured in the Pre-Cruise Online Auction

Let the bidding begin! For a limited time – until April 5th, – you have a chance to potentially own one of these treasured pieces of artwork provided to us by Gallery Guichard of Chicago, Ill., our art partner for the 2013 Fantastic Voyage presented by Ford. You can bid on the artwork whether you’re going on the cruise or not. Here’s how it works. Take a look at some of the featured artworks below or click on the Bid Now button below to log in and start bidding. If you’ve placed the winning bid for your artwork, it will be shipped to you during the week of April 15.


Daria Amerik-Contrast Personalities

Contrast Personalities by Daria Amerik

Daria Amerik is a contemporary artist originally from Moscow, Russia, who immigrated to Chicago’s Southside in 1996. After graduating from the School of the Art Institute decided to brand her talent in the fashion and art industries. She has exhibited her work in galleries, art centers and museums such as the Museum of Contemporary Art. Amerik has also created a jewelry line called ICANDI, she currently operates a showroom for her jewelry line in the south loop neighborhood in Chicago. The art can be found in commercial galleries in Chicago such as Gallery Guichard, where she was chosen to be part of the Bombay Sapphire exhibit sponsored by Russell Simmons and her work was also shown on CNN during the memorial service of Dorothy Height. She is also dedicated to being a mentor and teaching artist with After School Matters/ Gallery 37 where she runs her own creative programs, to create an equal opportunity towards creativity, for urban youth regardless of race or economical background.

Meshack Masuku-Growing Up

Growing Up by Meshack Masuku



Meshack Masuku is a well known South African ceramist who has been in the field for the past 30 years. He obtained a B. Tech Degree from NMMU (formerly known as Port Elizabeth Technikon). Following his success at the Technikon, he lectured at all levels for a period of ten years, from 1995 – 2005.

As a guest artist, he was first invited to exhibit at the annual Standard Bank Arts Festival in Grahamstown in July 1993. He has had numerous exhibits, including at the Association of Potters of South Africa, National Exhibition Association of Potters of SA, and Association of Potters Eastern Cape Regional Exhibition. His work has also been seen at ‘Fire and Fibre’ Bayside Gallery Durban, King George VI Art Gallery, APSA Regional, Faraghers Pottery, Goodman Gallery, Helen De Leewe, and overseas in Holland, Denmark, USA and South Korea.




Jam Session by Andre Guichard

Andre Guichard, artist, curator, and co-owner of Gallery Guichard Fine Art Gallery in Chicago, got his first exposure to art through the eyes of his father who painted throughout his childhood. His cousin, the late great outsider artist, William Dawson, also inspired Andre’s artistic influence. Guichard has been painting professionally for 20 years His works can be found in over 1,000 corporate and private collections nationally and internationally.

Guichard is well known internationally. Last year, he was one of the featured artists at the San Alejandro University and the Blue Havana Circle gallery in Havana, Cuba, a bridge of fine art between Havana, Cuba and America. For the third consecutive year, he is the national curator and spokesperson for Russell Simmons and Bombay Sapphire’s Artisan Series. Guichard was responsible for the coordination and judging of the 2,600 artists submissions nationally with approximately 400 Chicago artists submissions.

Andre Guichard - Red Star

Red Star by Andre Guichard

His work also has been commercially recognized. In 2010, six of his original paintings were featured on canvas totes as part of Walgreen’s Community Cornerprogram distributed in 7,000 Walgreen’s stores nationwide. He has a permanent installation in the Bronzeville Jazz McDonald’s (the 25,000th McDonald restaurant), featuring six images from his Jazz Series in Chicago.

The graduate of Illinois State University who majored in economics also completed the Kellogg School of Management Executive Program at Northwestern University. In addition to practicing his craft, Guichard was as curator of the South Shore Cultural Center in Chicago. You can click here to see more of Andre Guichard’s extension collection of work. For more information, about his past exhibits, see below.

Lobyn Hamilton-BlackMagic

Black Magic by Lobyn Hamilton

I have been drawing since I was young. Shading with pencil was my greatest medium. The shading was so meticulous that it was actually counterproductive since it took so long to finish. One project would be done well but the entire semester would have passed by. Later on painting and using color charcoal was learned. While in high school I asked my father for turntables and have been collecting records ever since. Now with Serato and other Djing advancements, vinyl for the DJ has become obsolete. The vinyl art is a tribute to music, artists, life, Djing, and icons alike. It’s a homage to the feelings and memories we establish and remember from our dealings with music and vinyl records.


Mziwoxolo Makalima-BoysPlayingBall

Boys Playing Ball by Mziwoxolo Makalima

Mziwoxolo was born in a rural village called Gqobonco at Engcobo.  He spent all his childhood there until he finished his Grade 12. Mziwoxolo spent time as a herd boy before he was taken to a local primary school at the age of 10. He was not a brilliant child, but a hard worker in everything that came to his hands.

In year 2000, he want to a local high school – Mzikayise Dalasile – enrolling in mathematics and physical science. He did well in all to his grades, passing grade 12 in 2002 without failing any grade from primary school.

In 2003, he went to Pretoria Technikon to do Fine Art as he did not apply. He applied for 2004 then he enrolled and the Technikon was no longer called a Technicon Pretoria but Tshwane University of Technology.

In 2006, he dropped out of the University due to financial challenges when his cousin died early 2006. He then joined Walter Sisulu University in 2010 to finish his studies. Mziwoxolo is currently doing his last year in National Diploma in fine art.


Nancy Pirri -Clarissa

Clarissa by Nancy Pirri

Nancy Pirri was born in Brooklyn, New York and currently lives in Chicago.  She has dabbled in every art form since childhood, discovering clay to be her true passion in 1991. She completed a solo show titled ‘Reflection,’ in Lafayette, Ind. followed by a three-person show at the Beverly Arts Center Chicago with pop artist Peter Mars and urban artist Erik DeBat.  She was recently hand-selected for the Art of Human Rights event for Heartland Alliance. She is currently represented at Gallery Guichard in Chicago and Studio b in Three Oaks, Mich.  She received an Honorable Mention award from the Rockford Art Museum for her printmaking on clay work and exhibits at many different venues including galleries, charity auctions, private homes, and group shows.

Here’s what she has to say about her work:

Nancy Pirri - Grace

Grace by Nancy Pirri

My work is about woman’s struggle to find emotional balance – which I depict, using texture, expression, attitude and gesture. While every woman has strength, compassion, and an incalculable ability to endure, we also have complex roles – mother, lover, sister, friend, or wife – where our arguably weaker sex is called upon continually to put others before ourselves.  Add to that societal roles calling for poise and grace… yes, the wonderfully rich subject of woman.

I work primarily in clay, a.k.a. Mother Earth, employing a variety of deliberate techniques to further enhance a sense of earthiness and antiquity.  Random yet controlled applications of colored slips, glazes, and various firings including soda reduction, further enhance these textures, as if you could suddenly unearth them from history.

If one could see the depth and complexity of a woman plainly on her surface, would we see beauty?  Would we see their scars, if we look closely enough?  I let each woman tell her story through my hands.

Janaia Williams- ItCameFromAnger

It Came From Anger by Janaia Williams

Janaia Williams: “Art Is Me”: Abstract Art Explosion is a majestic expression through color and a declaration of my love for abstract art. Ever since grade school Janaia Williams says she has had “a talent and attraction to drawing, painting, creating crafts, and understanding the freedom of expression.” She writes, “Art has always been a part of my well being, I enjoy using my creative and critical thinking skills to develop a concept.”

While in high school, Williams participated in the art club activities, a summer program curriculum called Gallery 37, and even taught art classes as a summer camp counselor. Williams says she has furthered her passion for art and completed her Bachelors’ of Fine Art in Animation from the Art Institute of Atlanta. “I learned how to operate as a professional artist and become technically savvy to create digital art and motion graphic and animation,” she says. “While studying, I was immediately drawn to the works of Jackson Pollock and Willem De Kooning, their dramatic application of painting was inspiring. It inspired me to paint abstract art on canvas as a past time. ”

Her work has been featured in galleries and exhibitions halls across the country and has received critical acclaim from fellow artist and collectors. “I knew being an artist was a manger part of who I was from the age of three,” Watkins says. “It humbles me to know that my paintings reside in private and corporate collections throughout the U.S”. Watkins lives and paints in Chicago, Ill., where she continues to share her passion and gift of painting with the world¬.


Adedoba Afolabi - Last Days of Twilight

Last Days of Twilight – Adedoba Afolabi

Doba Afolabi was born in the mountains of southwest Nigeria and credits his mother who was a versatile dancer as the fundamental force behind his flair for expressions. Monet, Van Gogh Degas and Yoruba stylized carvings were later influences while he studied at the University catching with the spirit of the Zaria art avant garde tagged the “Zaria Rebels” style of the famous Zaria art school where he graduated.

Doba who has been “weaving colors” (according to his words) since 1982 have produced works that have been eagerly collected by scholars and other private collectors who see their universality and portraits of captivating creativity. He loves dynamism; and his works are very fragmental and windy. His style falls between impression and sporadic stylization.

His latest efforts have produced seasoned masterpieces but the most prominent that has just been seen and applauded at the New York art circus is the one titled “Talking to The Spirit: Ancestors Here We Come!” 5 ft x 10 ft, the piece can be seen on the web ARTCURIAN and in the exhibition at Arthur Bennett Hall, in Downtown Brooklyn, in the company of other Afro American masters like Otto Neal, James Brown and Emmit Wigglesworth.  Doba Afolabi was the official artist of the 2010 International African Arts Festival (39th Annual edition).

Ade Oyelami Meeting of the Elders

Meeting of the Elders by Ade Oyelami

Oyelami was born in Iragbiji, near Osogbo, in the Osun state of Nigeria. He attended both primary and secondary modern school in Iraqbiji between 1964 and 1973. He later enrolled at Adventist Grammar School (Ede) near Osogbo from 1975 until 1980. After his secondary school education, he was introduced to Chief Jimoh Buraimoh, under whose tutelage he learned art. His older brother, Chief Muraina Oyelami, inspired him to pursue a career in artistic endeavors. After years of art exposure under Chief Jimoh Buraimoh, he established personal work on his own in 1980, choosing Batik cloth as a medium. He is one of the third generations of The Osogbo School of the Arts

He revolutionized the art of Batik making. He has taken his artwork to many places, participating in one-man shows and displaying his work in group exhibitions.

Mr. Ade Oyalemi has private collections throughout the country. His work can also be found at Lorel Gallery in Los Angeles, CA, Gallery Guichard in Chicago and the largest collection at Vivant Art Collection in Philadelphia.

Sinoxolo Tshiva-Nature's Playground

Sinoxolo Tshiva
Nature’s Playground


Sinoxolo Tshiva is a landscape painter who has focused on his feelings about Keiskammahoek in South Africa, his home village. “Keiskammahoek inspired me to paint from when I was a young boy,” he writes. “The hills, valleys and landscapes were just too beautiful to ignore.”
Tshiva started painting without any conventional material. He would use anything from gloss paint which was the closest thing to oil paint.



Chuma Zuma - Notation Sculpture

Notation Sculpture by Chuma Zuma



Chuma Zuma was born in November 1988 in the small village of Mbozi, on the Mbashe River, district of Willowvale in Transkei, South Africa. He’s the youngest of two children. He registered at Walter Sisulu University for fine arts and graduated in 2010 for fine art diploma. In 2012, he also completed a fine arts degree. He’s currently studying for his Post Graduate Certificate in Education at University of Fort hare. In 2009, he won a John Steele award for excellence in ceramics III at Walter Sisulu University. In 2010 I’ve won the young emerging artist awards at Ann Bryant Art Gallery.





“The images that I create are a celebration of the gift that God gave me. I draw inspiration to paint from music, nature, and people that have influenced me.”

Oprah Winfrey - Minnie Watkins

Oprah Winfrey by Minnie Watkins

The art of Minnie Watkins is recognized for its striking black and white images. Her paintings touch the soul of the subject and portray it on canvas. The bold black backgrounds with white distinct lines strategically placed work together to create the allusions of distance, shadow, and light. Her subject matter often includes musicians because of her love of music. When viewing Minnie’s paintings of African American Jazz and Blues Greats your eyes can hear the music and see their struggles. Dr. Willetta Greene-Johnson, Loyola University, says, “Her paintings are like a revival of the Harlan Renaissance”

Watkins paints in both watercolor and acrylic and has a diverse portfolio – from brilliant landscapes to illustrations to expressionistic abstract art. She has proven that she can be versatile in any genre of her craft. Minnie has become “The Next Big Thing.”
Then I lived in a small apartment with an old girlfriend. Fifty bucks a month just to keep them. You pick up a vinyl and you remember where you got it and how much it cost. It takes you back to that place in time and conjures up emotion even before you play the song. This is the bond that I shared with my vinyl and with the music.

Recreating the icons that I grew up listening to and being able to resurrect political activist using musical artists who share the same perspectives, is indescribable. There is such an ease and calm when creating. I don’t plan my next piece on the canvas, there is no forethought other than completing this piece and starting another as soon as possible. Upgrading with each piece and pushing the limit to what you think you have the ability to create is the main focus. There is no better reward than looking at work you never knew you had the power, diligence, or creative energy to bring into existence.

Max Sansing - Paint Garden

Paint Garden by Max Sansing

Max Sansing, a Chicago native, was raised on the Southside in the Avalon Park community. His parents were artists, and so he naturally grew to love painting at an early age. Fueled by the desire to create art, Sansing taught himself oil painting and later completed two years of formal college training at The American Academy of Art from 1999 to 2000. In addition to painting full time, Sansing has expanded his creativity and artistic talents into creating murals across Chicago and translating art into electronic media as a graphic design artist. Sansing’s work has been displayed at art galleries and special events in Chicago and in New York. His current art influences include Norman Rockwell, Maxfield Parrish, Gustav Klimt, Thomas Blackshear, and his late father, Ellis Sansing. Max is the Co Founder of RK Design an art consulting group that specializes in mural and graphic design.

Here’s what he says about his artwork: “People, in moments of self-discovery are the subjects of my work. These portraits are often represented in monochrome with colors conveying the emotions and energy that I feel makes for more of a deeper sense of power than just common skin tone. I tend to start a piece with a portrait and it dictates and tells the story, design, and concept of anything that follows it on canvas. My life and the lessons I learn ultimately inspire my works.

My process uses form and aesthetic stemming from my graphic design, and graffiti art background. Also, I have a deep appreciation for the American Imagist Artist (Maxfield Parrish, Norman Rockwell, Gustav Klimt, Thomas Blackshear, and Ellis Sansing (Father). My background and influences help me create unique visual concepts for my works.”

Yolanda Franklin - Wave Clash

Wave Clash by Yolanda Franklin

Yolanda Franklin has mastered the art of capturing emotion at its depth, transferring movement onto canvas with color and instinct.  It is her instinct and natural gifting that sets Yolanda apart.

Franklin is a self-taught/self-representing artist, born and raised in Chicago.  Yolanda began drawing at a young age and credits her pursuit of artistic design to her Mother, whose varied artistic talents provided her inspiration. She received further inspiration from her good friend and accomplished artist, Penelope Osio-Brown.  Penelope is proprietor of Osio-Brown Studios, Ltd., a flourishing art studio in Chicago’s western suburbs. In 2004, inspiration met action.  Yolanda, initially encouraged by her husband to pursue painting as a hobby, attended various art courses at Wheaton Community Center and the Dupage Art League.  There she learned various techniques to enhance her natural artistic capabilities.

Litha M. Ncokazi - Iswela - Vessel

Iswela (Vessel) by Litha M. Ncokazi

Mathole Msali - Comfort

Comfort by Mathole Msali


Here are additional works on display at Gallery Guichard

The pieces below are not available during the pre-cruise auction.

Corral Reef Series-RedLeaf by Danny Campbell

Corral Reef Series: Red Leaf
by Danny Campbell

The artwork of prominent artist and University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB) Art professor Danny Campbell features drawings, collages, and mixed media works made from rubber tire fragments, plastic bumper parts, engine grille sections, broken taillights and other roadside garbage. Campbell is an artist who uses recycled materials arranged in an expressive composition to create beautiful works of art mimicking the appropriation of nature and the material characteristic of the ready-made art movement.
Campbell finds it exciting and very rewarding to travel the nation’s highways and byways just to find the right piece to complete a sculpture. “The work has to just feel right and blend together like a jigsaw puzzle,” says Campbell. “A puzzle is not finished until the last piece is put in place”.
Having exhibited locally, nationally and in the Southeast, his works can be found in collector’s homes across the US and in permanent collections such as: The Hammonds House Museum of African American Art, Atlanta University Center Woodruff Library, Paine College, Howard University Museum, Tri-Cities Performing Arts Center, and the UAMS Cancer Institute to name a few.
A 1992 University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff graduate, Campbell obtained a MFA degree from Howard University in 1994 and a MA Ed from Charleston Southern University in 2006. He has taught at Howard University, Atlanta Metropolitan College and Tri-Cities High School for Visual and Performing Arts and has taught art, completed murals, lectured and conducted workshops over the past 20 years. He is married to Staphea Campbell and they have two children.

PearlieTaylor Rain and Sun

PearlieTaylor: Rain and Sun

A resident of Chicago, IL, Pearlie Taylor is an abstract expressionist artist. Over the past 30 years, Pearlie has worked primarily in acrylics but also uses a variety of mediums to express her abstract themes. She has studied at The American Academy of Art, and the South Side Community Art Center (SSCAC). She is the recipient of the 2004-05 African American Alliance of the Arts Award for Excellence in Abstract Art, and has been published in the March 2006 issue of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, 2007 Spring/Summer Anniversary issue of BridesNoir Bridal Magazine and the September/October 2007 issue of Chicago GRO Magazine. She won third prize ribbon at Black Creativity 2008 juried art exhibition held at The Museum of science and Industry.[/caption]

Included in Pearlie’s many exhibitions are a solo exhibition at the University of Illinois at Chicago the 2007 National Black Fine Arts Show in New York and Embrace the National Black Arts Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. Pearlie’s work has been collected around the country and has been exhibited internationally at Cubano Gallery in Toulouse, France her artwork is currently being shown in Chicago at Gallery Guichard.

Usen Obot

Usen Obot: Untitled

Usen Obot, born in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, now lives in South Africa. His artwork is held in National, International, Private and Corporate collections, including ABSA Bank, NANDOS, Red Location Museum, and the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. His studied at the Holy Family College – Abak, School of Arts & Sciences- Uyo and at Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.  Here’s how he describes his work: “My works seeks to interrogate and bring to the fore our inner consciousness that we have or not harnessed to influence our society. …. In turn my colors, material and the theme in my recent works have equally changed to reflect and encompass our society’s present state, my experiences and the thinking that I wish to provoke. In my recent body of work, I have focused entirely on the exploration into the use and combination of common materials such as leather, fabric, skin, wood, glass, Perspex, metal, glass fiber, etc. My predominant use of black is a metaphor to establish the gloom and my materials additive application is to illustrate the vagaries of life that has entrapped humanity. My work addresses gender roles, social injustices – xenophobia, racism, exclusion, domestic violence and the dangers that underpins the African society.”

Mathias Chrimbo Family Guardians

Mathias Chrimbo: Family Guardians

Mathias Chirombo is a full time artist based in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape. As an artist born into a Shona family in Zimbabwe, Chirombo works is spiritually influenced by Shona mediums and customs. He seeks to explore this through dreams, which are a rich source of inspiration for my art making, using spirituality and emotions to direct me in the search for meaning and guidance. This exhibition comes out of Shona ontology, offering a different viewpoint of life and family from a spiritual level. In Shona, culture the deceased and the ancestors are ever-present, providing care and protection for their living families, who can consult with them for guidance and support. At the same time, the deceased depend on those living to be honored and remembered.

ChildhoodBlues-Andile Poswa - South Africa

Andile Poswa: Childhood Blues

Andile Poswa was born in the dusty streets of New Brighton in 1979, the only son of his family with two sisters. He realized his artistic abilities at a young age, and he kept exploring with his art while growing up. He got very popular in school for his brilliance at such level and he got selected to be a Secretary of P.E College’s (Russell College/Erica Campus) SRC. He started free art classes for young kids in his community, and 2003 he manage to convince Ubuntu Education Fundto buy into this program by sponsoring art materials and premises so the program can take more kids from different schools. In 2003 he got commissioned by Ubuntu to paint a series of murals in their offices. He was also commissioned to paint murals around schools in Nelson Mandela Bay which worked with Ubuntu. His first exhibition in 2003 was a huge success for his kids, fellow artists and him mostly. He sold out all his exhibited artworks to Swedish guests who attended the exhibition. Andile started a clothing line with a fashion artist who was part of the exhibitions, which were fashion shows, plays, dance and music. The clothing line became a success in a short space of time, dressing prominent people even clientele expand to overseas as well. Andile’s work became popular to Ubuntu Education Fund’s visitors and donors.


Huey P. Newton (Power) by Raymond Thomas

Raymond A. Thomas has an impressive career that includes 23 years as art director for Ebony and
Jet Magazines, owned by the Chicago-based Johnson Publishing Company, Inc. He started at the company soon after graduating with at Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in Visual Communications from the internationally acclaimed School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he studied painting, film making and graphic design.  In 1999, Thomas created N’Spire Entertainment, Inc., which produced the film he wrote and directed: “12 Minutes”. The 30-minute story told the story of death row inmate Ron Taylor whose last request was to see the son he had never met. Thomas’ artwork, influenced by such greats a Romare Bearden, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Sam Gilliam and Jackson Pollock, features paint splatters, dry brush strokes and bold color. Thomas’ works are held in private collections in Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, St. Louis, New York and Washington, D.C. Thomas is currently the creative art director for The South Side Community Art Center.

Ragdale Fellow Joyce Owens attended Howard University, B.F.A., and Yale University, M.F.A.; the Chicago State University curator teaches drawing and painting.

She has had exhibits around the world, including: Times Square, N.Y.; NATO headquarters, Brussels, Belgium; U.S. Embassy, Stockholm, Sweden; University of Pennsylvania Museum; Philadelphia Museum of Art; DuSable Museum, Chicago; Koehnline Museum, IL; Spertus Museum, Chicago; and Museum of Greater Lafayette in Indiana, The Wright Museum of African American History, Detroit, The Butridge Gallery, Austin Texas, and various Chicago and national galleries.

She has delivered lectures and participated in panels at a wide variety of locations: Art Institute of Chicago, College Art Association, Purdue University, School of the Art Institute, Chicago, Hyde Park Art Center, The Pittsburgh Arts Center, Columbia College Chicago and the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs are some.

Her many prizes and honors including those from Artnews critic Margaret Hawkins, Chicago Suntimes, Chicago Gallery News art critic, Kevin Nance, Jon Pounds, artist, CPAG. Joyce has been published in catalogs, books, newspapers, and online reviews and features, and included in public and private national and local collections.


Born in 1985, in Mthatha, Mkhonto Gwazela attended drawing classes under his own father in a rural community where expression through the use of language was limited to isiXhosa. Currently, he is currently studying an M/Tech in studio art at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and has exhibited in the Absa L’Atelier Art Competition in Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg. In 2010, he studied and finished a B/tech in Ceramic Design at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. In 2008, he obtained his National Diploma in Fine art with cum laude and received the prestigious John Steele Award for Excellence in ceramics.





Adam Guichard is a self-taught artist from the Southside of Chicago. His father, Alfred, brother, Andre, and late cousin, William Dawson influenced Adam’s artistic talent. After he graduated from Howard University in 2000, he decided to pursue a career in art. He has done various art shows around the Chicago area, the United States, Cuba and Europe.  Adam uses mixed media to create abstract and  3-Dimensional artworks. Adam also uses glass, cardboard, paper, fiberglass other various materials as a canvas to express his artistic vision. Adam is currently working on seven different series, Nights Over Rio, Jazz, Abstract Jazz, Kaleidoscope, African Romance, Numbers, and Dominican Sunflower series, that emphasize the African-American experience from the Diaspora to the present day.

Foundation and Gallery Guichard Partner for 2013 Cruise

Gallery Guichard is excited to join the Tom Joyner Foundation in helping to support Historically Black Colleges and Universities on the Fantastic Voyage Cruise April 7 – 14, 2013. Gallery Guichard fine art gallery will conduct seminars and provide art by artists from around the world for purchase and live auction.

Andre Guichard

Look out for more information on the artists, their works and how you can purchase works before the cruise in upcoming newsletters.

Since 2005, Gallery Guichard fine art gallery has been home to many artists from around the globe. It is considered a beacon of light in the Bronzeville community, located at 3521 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Chicago, Ill. Elegantly housed in a three-story

sandstone building, in the historic Chicago neighborhood, Gallery Guichard is not only a great place for art, but also a great experience.

The gallery’s mission is to expose the community to the artwork of multicultural artists while specializing in the art of the African Diaspora. The African Diaspora is the spreading out of the people who descended from Africa as a result of movement around the world due to slavery or, their own volition, through migration, mainly to the Amercias, Europe and the Middle East.  Historically, as far back as the beginning of mankind in Africa, art has been a piece of the fabric woven into our culture.

(c) By Gerald Griffin

On the Fantastic Voyage, Gallery Guichard’s co-owners, Andre and Frances Guichard, will give you an artful experience and will assist you with all of your art needs.  Andre is a renowned fine artist of 21 years, gallery director and the national curator for the Bacardi USA, Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series while his wife Frances, operates as administrator and business manager.

Be prepared to find that special piece of art for your home or office while supporting HBCUs. Click on the attached link to experience Gallery Guichard’s African-American artists such as Andre Guichard, Gerald Griffin, Ted Ellis, Adam Guichard, Pearlie Taylor, Kudzai Mutasa, Rhonda Gray, Dana Todd, Raymond Thomas, Danny Campbell, and many more as well as artists from Cuba, South Africa, Nigeria and Senegal. Click here for a preview of Gallery Guichard. Feel free to browse the Flickr galleries to learn more about the gallery’s vast collection:  Gallery 1, Gallery 2

Here’s additional information about Andre’s past experience and exhibits:



– Chicago Tribune
– National Curator Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series (from 2010)
– Bridge Exchange – Speaker, Curator
– One of the featured artists at the San Alejandro University and the Blue Havana Circle gallery in Havana, Cuba a bridge of fine art between Havana, Cuba and America.
– Two commemorative Bill Berry Awards presented to Phylicia Rashad and Rev. Willie Barrow (paintings): Commissioned by The Chicago Urban League.
– Three Original Art Story Booths commissioned by: The Artist formerly known as Prince  during his Chicago concert.


– Patti LaBelle’s 50th year in the music business commemorative painting commissioned by: The Chicago Urban League
– National Curator and spokes-person for Russell Simmons and the Bombay Sapphires Artisan Series (9 market Juried Art Exhibit culminating in Miami’s Art Basel); Andre was responsible for the coordination and judging of the 2600 artists submissions nationally with approximately 400 Chicago artists submissions. Served in this role in 2012 and 2013

– Recipient of the Defender Newspaper Men of Excellence Award for achievements in Art
– Andre Guichard Art Icon Bag: 6 Original Andre Guichard paintings featured on Canvas Totes as part of Walgreens Community Corner program distributed in 7000 Walgreens stores nationwide.
– Guichard was commissioned to create an original painting for music and advertising mogul Steve Stout for his 40th birthday.
– Recipient of the Kappa Alpha Psi Outstanding Achievement in Art, 2007 recipient of the National Conference of Artists Award; 2006 recipient of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Monarch Award Fine Arts;
– Book cover featured one of my original works of art: “Producing Local Color” Art networks in Chicago. Published by University of Chicago Press
– Blogger on Chicago Tribune’s Chicago Now has put Guichard in touch with many artists and collectors capturing historical information that has shaped the new collectors understanding of the arts. Did this in 2010, too.
– White House Christmas tree ornament. Commissioned by: Bush Administration
-Official South Shore Jazz Fest poster (poster & T-shirt).commissioned by Jazz Unites
– Created 50th anniversary of Brown V. Board of education (limited Edition poster) commissioned by Sidley, Brown & Wood
– Recipient of the African American Arts Alliance Artist Of The Year.
– Official Chicago Jazz Fest poster (t- shirt/ poster)/ commissioned by The City of Chicago

Guichard has a permanent installation in the Bronzeville Jazz McDonald’s (the 25,000th McDonald restaurant) featuring six images from his Jazz Series.

Guichard was one of a selected group of artists chosen to display work in the O’Hare International Airport, International Gallery Exhibition entitled Heaven and Earth October 2000 through October 2001.

Networks and Publications
Published in African Art: The Diaspora and Beyond The Daniel Texidor Parker Collection by Daniel Texidor Parker, Unveiled by Will Downing, 2005; featured in the “Interesting Personalities Section” of the Inaugural Edition of Who’s Who In Black Chicago 2006; one of 13 featured artists out of 1700, Chicago Artists Month catalog (Beyond Boundaries) 2006; cover story in Chicago’s Urbane Mega Newspaper Ndigo, 2008. Featured on November’s WLS Channel 7 show “Someone You Should know.”

– Graduate of the Chicago Urban League’s nextOne class, Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management Executive Program.

– Curator of the South Shore Cultural Center

2000 to 2004
– Instructor, Gallery 37 – Chicago Public Schools Art program from.


Graduate of Illinois State, 1988 Department of Business: Economics.



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