Alabama State’s Board’s Nominating Committee Makes First Recommendations for New Members

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Date: July 15, 2015
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ASU’s Board’s Nominating Committee Makes First Recommendations for
New Members!

The ASU Boards’ new nominating committee has recommended six names to be considered by Gov. Robert Bentley for new seats – 

The newly formed nominating committee for Alabama State University’s Board of Trustees met for the first time, making the group’s first official recommendations to be presented to Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley.

The nominating committee was established following the State Legislature’s passage of a bill that reorganized the Board, adding two at-large positions, both of which could be held by out-of-state residents. One of the at-large positions holds a six-year term, and the other holds a five-year term. The bill also cuts trustees’ terms from 12 years to six, with no trustee being able to serve more than two terms.

Makeup of nominating committee

The legislation, sponsored by Sen. Quinton Ross and Rep. John F. Knight, Jr. (both ASU alumni), established the makeup of the nominating committee to consist of a representative of the Board of Trustees, the president of ASU’s Student Government Association, a representative of the ASU National Alumni Association, a Faculty Senate member, a member of the Montgomery County legislative delegation, a community representative selected by the nominating committee members and a local business community representative selected by the governor.

The members of the nominating committee include Angela McKenzie (ASU Board of Trustees representative); Jeremy Crum (SGA President); Vanessa Dickens (National Alumni Association); Dr. Janel Bell-Haynes (ASU Faculty Senate representative); State Rep. Alvin Holmes (Montgomery County legislative delegation); Dr. Alma Freeman (community representative); and Leslie Sanders (business community representative).

During the meeting, McKenzie was elected chair of the nominating committee, and Crum was elected as vice chair.

First official nominations

As the committee’s first official nominations, the group presented six names for the governor to consider for the Board’s two new at-large positions.

The recommendations included James McNeil, Tony Graham and Charles Hill for the six-year term at-large position and Dr. F. Erik Brooks, Howard Watkins and David Mount for the five-year term at-large position. The legislation requires that the governor choose new ASU Board appointees from the list of recommendations forwarded to him by the committee.

Committee chairwoman McKenzie said the new nominating process is welcomed.

“I think the implementation of the nomination committee to select candidates for the ASU Board of Trustees is definitely a step in the right direction,” she said. “To be able to bring all of these minds to the table and get the feedback and their perspectives is absolutely healthy for the University and allows us to get out of the box in terms of making these kinds of decisions.”

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