Adam Guichard, Abstract Artist

Adam Guichard

Adam Guichard is a self-taught artist from the Southside of Chicago. His father, Alfred, brother, Andre, and late cousin, William Dawson influenced Adam’s artistic talent. After he graduated from Howard University in 2000, he decided to
pursue a career in art. He has done various art shows around the country, Cuba, Europe as well as Prizm Art Fair and Celebrity Art Fair during Art Basel. Adam uses mixed media to create abstract and 3-Dimensional artworks. Adam also uses glass, cardboard, paper, fiberglass other various materials as a canvas to express his artistic vision. Adam is currently working on 7 different series, Nights Over Rio, Jazz, Abstract Jazz, Kaleidoscope, African Romance, Numbers, and Dominican Sunflower series, that emphasize the African-American experience from the Diaspora to the present day. “My art expresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life. I enjoy putting my life on canvas.”

Adam Seven Degrees of separation  by Adam Guichard

All About That Jazz by Adam Guichard

All About That Jazz by Adam Guichard

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