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South Carolina State School of the Month

As one of the Tom Joyner Foundation ‘Schools of the Month’, each school will be promoted by the Tom Joyner Morning Show and receive those funds raised from listeners, alumni and other interested parties that month. The show, aired in 115 markets around the country, reaches nearly eight million listeners every week.



Support Future Arts Scholars!

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Anne Lee Memorial Scholarship Fund




Let your friends who are federal employees know that the Tom Joyner Foundation is now a CFC Approved Agency with the federal government.

When making your CFC pledge at work, please use Agency Code: 51253.  The funds will be used to support our beloved HBCUs.

Sign Up Today to Book Your Trip of a Lifetime

Stay tuned to the Tom Joyner Morning Show to Get Details on the 2015 Cruise! FANTASTIC VOYAGE ® The Fantastic Voyage is the Tom Joyner Foundation’s major annual event, offering more than 3,500 guests over the past 14 years the opportunity to take a cruise of a lifetime to help raise money to keep students in HBCUs. The annual event features seminars and workshops on topical issues, including discussions on black colleges as well as more than 30 performers and an art auction where the works of internationally renowned black artists donate their work to the Foundation. To learn more about this year’s cruise and book it, go to

Click here to find out our 2015 Tom Joyner Foundation Partner Schools.