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Annie Lee Higher Education on canvas 147x300 Art Gallery

You can purchase this limited edition print on canvas from artist Annie Lee.

“Higher Education”: A Way to Soar” is available at $500.00 Description: print on canvas, gallery wrap 12×24 on 1″.





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Please note: Prints do not require authenticity paperwork. 

The Tom Joyner Foundation believes art and its many forms of expressions is a strong platform to promote Historically Black Colleges and Universities and their hidden treasures.

We encourage you to frequently visit this space to learn more about our partner artists so that you may start or expand your collection through the special limited editions that will be featured on this site.

The proceeds from these offerings will support the Tom Joyner Foundation programs.

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Art for Sale – Limited Time Only Specials


Water Fight

Water Fight LeroyCampbell 150x150 Art Gallery

Copyright 2005
Limited Edition print
24” X 31” (image 19.75” X 24”)

This print was developed exclusively by Leroy Campbell for the Fantastic Voyage 2005, the signature event of the Tom Joyner Foundation. It depicts the annual cruise destination beach water gun battle between light-skinned and dark-skinned party goers. These pieces are signed and numbered by the artist.
$350 $262.50

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Power to the Future

Power to the Future Acrylic Color 150x150 Art Gallery

Acrylic color
22.5” X 30” (image size: 20”X26”)
Copyright 2011


This original art work was painted by the famed artist, Frank Frazier, and given to the Tom Joyner Foundation. The work depicts several of the HBCUs supported by the Tom Joyner Foundation and the principals and programs upon which the Foundation stands.
$1,000.00 $750.00

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African Women

African Women Varnette Honeywood 150x150 Art Gallery

17″ x 31″ (image size: 14 1/2″ x 29″)
Copyright 1982


As seen on The Cosby Show, as the main artwork in the Huxtable family hallway, this Varnette Honeywood art piece depicts beautiful, illustrious shades of different African women. This piece is signed by the artist.
$750.00 $562.50

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White Night



foundationart White NightGiclee 198x300 Art Gallery

Copyright 2007
33” X 21.5”


An elegant piece developed by Annie Lee, this glamorous piece is reminiscent of a long-gone era recreated on our annual event, The Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage. Its figures represent the diverse and stylish cruise travelers as they enjoy an evening of dining and dance above a luxurious liner.

The special golden touches added to this gicleé provide a marvelous effect when framed, mounted and lit.

$350 $262.50

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