WU Walk-A-Thon Set for May 18, 2013

Wilberforce University


The first edition of the Wilberforce University Walk-A-Thon was a great success, not to mention a lot of fun – so alumni and friends ofWilberforceUniversityare making it a tradition.WilberforceUniversity’s second Col. Charles Young National Walk-A-Thon is coming up in May, 2013 – and you won’t want to miss it. Already alums in 8 cities are signed on to chair the walk inBaltimore,MD;Chicago,IL;Cincinnati,OH;Cleveland,OH;Elyria,OH;Erie,PA;Queens,NYandXenia,OH.

Last May’s inaugural event drew Wilberforceans to events in eight cities – fromChicagotoNew York, with one of the events held near theWilberforceUniversitycampus inXenia,OH. Walkers in the eight cities gathered to enjoy exercise and the company of friends and family on a beautiful day — while raising scholarship funds for students atWilberforceUniversity.

“I really felt great about the event,” said Sonseeahray Ross, Director of the Wilberforce University Annual Fund, who spearheaded the multi-city Walk-A-Thon. “We had a great time. The weather was good, the scenery was great, and people were cheering us on along the way,” she said.

In all, some 500 walkers took registered for the first Walk-A-Thon in the eight cities, Ross said. In addition to the Walk-A-Thon participants, the event also drew sponsors and community supporters.

The event raises funds through registration fees and pledges. “This is a great way to support the WU Annual Fund,” said Ross. “Participants pay a registration fee, and we encourage donors to support teams of walkers with donation pledges. Everyone has a good time and the University benefits.

Top fundraising honors for the 2012 Walk-A-Thon go to the participants in the Chicago Walk-A-Thon, organized with the help of Rev Samuel L Jenkins and Gwen Beckwith of the Chicago Chapter of the Wilberforce University Alumni Association. The top fundraising team at a Walk-A-Thon site was Team Warr, brought together by Mary Warr of the Cleveland Alumni Chapter.

It’s never too early to begin training for this May’s second Wilberforce University Walk-A-Thon.


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