TSU invites students, staff and public to campus for eclipse day celebration


The university is opening its stadium to the public to come and watch the eclipse.

University officials said they are expecting as many as 10,000 people to show up to watch the eclipse.

The dean of students told News 2 alumni have been calling about the celebration, and while the eclipse is the main attraction, there are other fun things happening at TSU next Monday.

“So we’ll have an opportunity to showcase a bit of Tennessee State University, our Aristocrat band, one of the best bands in the country, you’ll hear them having some fun. We’ll have some local personalities from the radio station, and some expert speakers. We’ll have a speaker from NASA that will be here presenting information relevant to this particular event,” said Dean of Students Frank Stevenson.

The student government association president says it’s also a chance to show incoming freshman what TSU has to offer.

“[It’s] a moment for us to kind of gather, love on each other as a family, and just watch something stellar happen in our country,” said Jermilton Woods.