#TJFWHM18 Eslanda Goode Robeson


She was more than the wife of famed Paul Robeson, she was a woman who wore many hats!

Her accomplishments and family history is profound.

She is the granddaughter of the first Black Treasurer of South Carolina.

Her father was a proud alum of Howard University and completed his law degree there. 

She is a graduate of Columbia University, where she met her future husband Paul Robeson.  Her  B.S degree was in chemistry, which she put to practice at New York’s Presbyterian Hospital as the head of histology and a chemist of Surgical Pathology. She is the first African American to hold the postiiton.  

She gave up her career in the medical field to marry and eventually become her husband’s business manager. 

She eventually penned three books and became an actress, spending a lot of her later years between America and Africa devoting her time and resources to anthropology. 

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