TJFBMM18: Clark Atlanta University’s Philharmonic Society



Clark Atlanta’s Philharmonic Society is a nationally respected choral ensemble established in the early 1990s. Since its founding, the organization has established a great reputation under the leadership of former director, Professor Glynn E. Halsey, and continues to build upon its legacy with current director, Dr. Curtis Everett Powell.

The choir performs a range of choral genre from classical literature to popular collections. If you get a chance to catch a performance, you are sure to hear music inspired by African American traditions like African Folk songs, spirituals, gospel, jazz, and much more!

CAU’s Philharmonic Society has had notable appearances with the Louisiana Symphony Orchestra and performing The Nativity at Carnegie Hall in New York City. They have been featured with Denyce Graves in a professional CD recording by the NPR and appeared on “Chasing the Dream: Exploring Black History,” a live CNN webcast.

Watch the choir perform in the video below.

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