#TJFBHM18: Dr. Willie W. Herenton, First African-American Mayor of Memphis

Dr. Willie W. Herenton was born in Memphis, Tennessee on April 23, 1941. After graduating from Le Moyne-Owen College at 21, he started his career teaching 5th grade.

Dr. Herenton received his master’s degree from Memphis State University (University of Memphis) and Ph. D from Southern Illinois University.

In 1969, Dr. Herenton became the youngest principal ever hired in Memphis, and went on to be appointed Superintendent in 1979.

Today, we recognize Dr. Willie W. Herenton as the first African-American elected mayor of Memphis, Tennessee. He won his first term against Mayor Richard Hackett by 146 votes in 1991.

Thank you, Dr. Herenton, for all you have done for the community.

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