Ten Fun Facts About Tuskegee University – August School of the Month


Starting the week off right for our school month Tuskegee University here are ten facts about the school of the month

Ten Facts

  1. Originator and producer of the famous “Tuskegee Airmen,” in partnership with the U.S. Army Air Corps.
  2. The producer of the first African-American winner of the National Book Award, Ralph Ellison for his book, Invisible Man.
  3. Number one producer of African-American aerospace science engineers in the nation.
  4. A leading producer in the country of African-American engineering graduates in chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering
  5. The only historically black college or university with a fully accredited College of Veterinary Medicine that offers the Doctoral Degree, and produces over 75% of the African-American veterinarians in the world.
  6. The only historically black college or university in the nation designated as the location for National Center for Bioethics in Research and Health Care.
  7. The only college or university campus in the nation to be designated a National Historic Site by the U.S. Congress.
  8. Produced more African-American general officers in the military than any other institution, including the service academies.
  9. One of two centers funded by NASA to develop a technology for growing food in space during human space missions.
  10. The only historically black college or university, and one of only 11 universities in the world funded and authorized by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to establish and operate a Kellogg Conference Center, which is the technologically sophisticated hub of Continuing Education and Hospitality/Tourism Management Training.

Cherie S. White
Cherie S. White
Cherie S. White is Director of Digital Strategy for the Tom Joyner Foundation, a writer and editor.