University of Maryland Eastern Shore will be Dining in Style


UMES - New Cafe

UMES – New Cafe

[Dallas, TX.  – Aug. 19, 2014]

The University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) community is about to embark on a whole new campus dining experience.

Returning students will have to school freshmen on what the buzz is all about in the Student Services Center (SSC), where construction workers spent the summer transforming the look and feel of the main student dining facility. From new laminate floors to the addition of partition walls to “soft seating” and bar-style counters, the cafeteria known as The Plateau has noticeably raised its game.

The new Plateau will also be  revamping its menus,giving students on meal plans  a wider selection of choices. They will have food stations specializing in soups, pizza, salads, deli offerings and grilled foods. There will even be an “exhibition” station, where diners can place their “cook-to-order” requests for food posted on the day’s menu with vegetarian or vegan dishes will be a daily option as well.

University of Maryland Eastern Shore brought in a private company to run its food service operations to leverage the expertise of specialists who know what appeals to college students.

“We’re excited about being here at UMES,” Maurice Jenoure, a senior Thompson executive, told employees in early July. “We have a lot of experience in delivering food service at colleges and universities, and we believe we have the right formula to provide people a positive dining experience.”

That formula at UMES also includes new tenants in the Hawk’s Nest, where students will be able to purchase Starbucks beverages , sandwiches by Mondo Subs and a Chick-fil-A (express) restaurant will be added to the mix shortly, as well. And on top of all of that , there are plans to have a roving food truck featuring the Be Right Burger menu.

Thompson also has pledged to work with the university’s Hospitality and Tourism Management department to identify work-experience opportunities in the company for UMES students.

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Cherie S. White
Cherie S. White
Cherie S. White is Director of Digital Strategy for the Tom Joyner Foundation, a writer and editor.