Student Testimonial: LaTorria Lemon

I first would like to say that I am filled with joy to see my alma mater, Clark Atlanta University, as School of the Month. I am an alumnus of the Mass Media Arts department where I obtained my degree in Public Relations May 2011. This Foundation means more to me than I can express in this email.

My junior year at Clark Atlanta I had a list of accomplishments from being on the Dean’s list, President of the Atlanta University Center Radio Station, Miss United Negro College Fund, SGA Publicity Coordinator, and Vice President of the Pre-Alumni Council to name a few, but there was 1 thing that left me uncertain. I was unsure if I would have to leave my dream school due to financial difficulties.

I prayed and cried, cried and prayed, and one day I decided to apply for a Tom Joyner Scholarship.  Well, I am extremely grateful,  honored, and still in shocked (4 years later) that I was blessed to become a Tom Joyner Scholar.

Present day, I am an award winning publicist and public speaker.  I have had the opportunity to speak to various high school students on college life. I always make it a point to encourage students not to stop despite finances.

My father was a single parent, and I was the 1st to attend college, and hearing him cry tears of joy when I told him, “Daddy, I won’t have to come home, Mr. Tom Joyner awarded me with a scholarship” will always be something I cherish.

Tom Joyner Foundation,  Thank You!!!! Thank You for giving students at HBCU’s the opportunity to continue their dreams. I appreciate you all and will continue to support your campaigns.

Warm Regards, LaTorria Lemon