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Stillman College students Shaquitta Dent, Michael Cromartie, Andrew Nunn and Charvla King attended a promotion ceremony and luncheon for Year One Students in the Minority Health and Health Disparities Research Center Summer Enrichment Program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham on June 29.  Dent, Cromartie and King all gave outstanding presentations. Nunn will speak at an upcoming ceremony for Year Two Students. They are pictured with Dawn Fizer, UAB Training Programs Administrator.

King, a biology major from Marietta, Georgia, gives the program high marks. “It’s fun and informative and it’s helping me to determine whether or not I want to be an anesthesiologist—which I’m pretty sure I do want to be—or whether I want to go in another direction in the medical field.  We’re learning scientific writing and discovering how it differs from other forms of writing, exploring different medical careers, and learning how to increase our MCAT score and plan for the future by developing a career roadmap.”

Although most colleges urge juniors and seniors to seek internships, Stillman has a long tradition of encouraging students to intern early in their college careers in order to develop valuable career and professional school connections while deepening their knowledge of their chosen professions.

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