Stillman College Students Intern at Mercedes-Benz

Pictured: Lakeevis Tabb and Dontavia Lewis

August 14, 2013


Contact: Mary Sood

Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Stillman College


While many college students around the nation are returning to classes after a relaxing summer break, a large number of Stillman College students completed fulfilling but challenging internship programs shortly before heading back to campus this week. Students from Stillman, which is located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, participated in a wide variety of internship programs.  While some honed their business skills at Fortune 500 companies or conducted scientific research at top medical facilities, others explored government careers in Washington, D.C., worked with youth in South America, or spent the summer shadowing professionals in their chosen fields.  

Stillman students Dontavia Lewis and Lakeevis Tabb interned with Mercedes-Benz United States International Inc. this summer.  Dontavia worked in the Communications Department, where she utilized some of the skills she acquired during her time as editor of The Advance—Stillman’s outstanding online student newspaper.  Dontavia, who is from Marietta, GA, says that her internship involved “event planning, project management and data entry.”  Lakeevis, a business administration major, worked in the Human Resources Organizational Development Department.  “I am a part of the Stillman Tigers Football team and have been for the past three years. Stillman College is my school and I take great pride in representing it on and off the field,” states Lakeevis, who is from Montgomery, Alabama.

Dontavia added, “I am most grateful for the opportunity to have worked with an outstanding company such as MBUSI, and I thank Stillman and Mercedes for making that opportunity possible.”

Since its inception in 1876, Stillman College has provided academic excellence while also imbuing students with the faith and compassion needed to enlighten and transform society for the betterment of all.

Ninety-two percent of full-time Stillman faculty members hold terminal degrees.  Stillman has modern, well-equipped facilities and small class sizes, in addition to outstanding programs in biological sciences, business administration and teacher education. The Harte Honors College and pre-professional programs in law and medicine provide an elite education for students who, in many instances, are the first in their families to attend college.  The focus on academic excellence, faith and compassion that shaped the lives of Stillman students over 125 years ago continues shaping the lives of today’s students.