Spelman and Morehouse Colleges Hunger Strike Ends, Resolution Reached

Organizers for the ongoing hunger strike at Spelman and Morehouse Colleges met with school administrators and food provider, Aramark, to find a solution to the growing problem of food insecurity on the campuses. During the hunger strike, which began on November 2, approximately 30 students ate little to no food to bring awareness to the fact that many students who cannot afford meal plans often go hungry.

As a result of today’s meeting, for the next two months, commuter students who attend Spelman and Morehouse Colleges and lack meal plans can request and receive, free of charge, any meals that are needed. Until a long-term program is put into place, up to 14,000 meals will be available each semester at both institutions.

“I would go six days again to help others. So many Spelman sisters are inboxing us saying thank you. They can’t understand why we did it. I told them we made a choice,” organizer Mary-Pat Hector to the Tom Joyner Foundation.

In the video below, the campus chapter of the National Action Network, speaks about the meeting.