Shaw University To Save $2 Million or More Over The Next Year


Dr.Gaddis Faulcon

Shaw University is saving big dollars for its scholars.

Interim President, Dr.Gaddis Faulcon introduced a cost saving plan for Shaw that is aimed at giving the university  fiscal stability. The savings comes from organizational restructuring, including the elimination of vacant positions & personnel reductions. Although Shaw has faced management changes Faulcon’s leadership comes with experience, and his plan gives the school hope. He has worked at Shaw since 1998 serving in a variety of positions including dean and professor. If this works out as planned Shaw will save nearly $2 million in the coming year.

Shaw University established in 1865 is the oldest HBCU in the south, it offers more than 30 degree programs and serves over 2,100 students. Shaw is home to alums such as Gladys Knight, Ella Baker, Shirley Ceasar and Ronald “Flip” Murray.  If you would like to donate to Shaw University to help keep their HBCU strong Click Here.

[ Watch ] Shaw University get “HAPPY”

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