Not your average Donor

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Some may say rappers aren’t the ideal profile of an HBCU donor.

Dr. Dre donated 35 million dollars to USC because of the connection he has with that school. With that, should HBCUs look at rappers as the next crop of potential multi-million dollar donors? Some may say rappers don’t fit the profile of an ideal HBCU donor, but here are a couple potential donors who could be beneficial by donating millions to HBCUs.

Rick Ross– He has made a fortune by doing concerts at HBCU homecoming concerts.  He briefly attend Albany State University, and has significant reach within the hip-hop industry.

Wale– Wale is a DC bred rapper who attended Virginia State University and Bowie State University.  He is a homecoming favorite among the HBCU students and a rising figure in the hip-hop culture.


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