Meet the final Claflin scholar, Quentin Seegars

Hometown: Florence, South Carolina
Classification: Freshmen
Major: Marketing
Minor: Mass Communications
Motto: “I can accomplish whatever I put my mind to”

Congratulations to Quentin Seegars, our Herc Scholar of the week! Quentin is a freshman at Claflin University. Quentin is making strides towards a positive future by becoming very active on campus and working towards goals. Read more about Quentin below, in his own words.

Greetings everyone! My name is Quentin Seegars and I am majoring in Marketing along with a minor in Mass Communications at the oldest HBCU in South Carolina, Claflin University! Upon graduating from Claflin University and earning my bachelor’s degree, I desire to attend graduate school and earn my master’s degree in Marketing. After attending graduate school, I plan to utilize my two degrees of study to explore the Marketing industry and become a social media marketing manager. After achieving my career goal, I plan to expand my knowledge of marketing to younger individuals who desire to pursue a marketing career as well. I plan to open up my own marketing company and open up programs that award scholarships and internships to young scholars.

Prior to attending Claflin University in the fall, I wasn’t as involved in student organizations and community service due to working in high school. However, when I attended Claflin University, I refused to make the same mistake I made in high school. As soon as I stepped foot on Claflin soil, I understood how important and beneficial it is to be involved in the school. One semester from that day, I have managed to become very involved. One of the first organizations that I joined was Claflin University’s PAW Mentoring Program, a program that promises assistance and profound benefits for young scholars. I am also a proud member of the NAACP, an organization that advocates for the enhancement of African Americans. I also joined Cultivating Kings Mentoring Inc., whereas I mentored both fourth and sixth graders and completed community service. Furthermore, I have also taken apart in a leadership position on the executive board of Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), where I currently serve as the Public Relations Coordinator.

However, this journey that I have explored so far couldn’t have been possible alone. One of the most influential individuals that helped me along this journey was my mother. My mother has supported me every step of the way to college from the day I desired to pursue a marketing career. Throughout my life, like most people, my career aspirations consistently changed ever since I was four years old. I remember I desired to be a football player, I even wanted to be an accountant, maybe even a math professor, but through all of my changes, my mother stayed a supporter no matter what career I pursued. On the other hand, besides my mother, my sister and all of the people that pushed me to attend college were key as well. My sister advocated my success nearly the way my mother did. One thing that they all believed for sure was that I could accomplish whatever I put my mind to. That is also the motto that I live by every day continuously and is my drive to be successful.

Moreover, my desire and determination to be successful in this world is considered unmatched in my eyes. The death of my father and the odds set against me are definitely key to my drive to be successful. On the other hand, I also have a very proficient understanding and passion for being educated. Growing up, I understood that there are some disadvantages in this world for people of color. Understanding that disadvantage, I understand why it is important to be educated and utilize it as a power. Life presents its challenges and it is my destiny to overcome those obstacles by being successful in whatever I do. It is my distinct honor to be selected as a recipient of the Hercules Scholarship administered by the Tom Joyner Foundation!

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