President Algeania Freeman and Wilberforce University Recognized by General Assembly Of Ohio



Algeania freeman

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The 131st General Assembly of The State of Ohio honored Dr. Freeman for her tremendous attainment as President of Wilberforce University and as a nationally recognized leader in higher education. The citation stated “….we are pleased to extend special recognition to Dr. Algeania Warren Freeman on being honored by the SABLE Health and Human Development  Journal. Selection for this prestigious distinction is an achievement of which you can be proud, for you have been recognized for your exceptional skill, commitment, and professionalism.

The President of Wilberforce University, you have been tireless in your efforts to improve the institution’s standing after it was placed on show-cause status by the Higher Learning Commission, and thanks to your exceptional efforts, the oldest historically black college and university in the nation retained its accreditation. Clearly, you have brought vision and wisdom to your important work, and you have displayed a genuine commitment to attaining your goals in a skillful and professional manner.

Throughout your career in education, you have supported countless students in their scholastic endeavors and have helped nurture within them a desire for academic excellence. Willingly giving of your time, energy, and abilities far beyond what was required or expected, you have earned the respect and gratitude of your colleagues, your community, and, most importantly, your students, and you are certainly deserving of high praise. Thus, with great pleasure, we commend you on your outstanding success and salute you as one of Ohio’s finest citizens.”

The 131st General Assembly of The State of Ohio also honored Wilberforce University, The faculty and administration by stating “.…….we are pleased to congratulate Wilberforce University on being accepted into the Higher Learning Commission Assessment Academy.

Wilberforce University has displayed an unwavering dedication to exceeding the highest standards of educational quality. The faculty and administration have demonstrated leadership and foresight in providing students with the best possible education, and as a result of their tremendous efforts, the school has been accepted into the Higher Learning Commission Assessment Academy. The leaders and staff of Wilberforce University, including its president, Dr. Algeania Warren Freeman, have been responsive to the needs and interests of their students, preparing them to assume meaningful roles in our complex society.

All those responsible for the institution’s success can reflect with pride on its strong tradition of scholastic eminence, upon which it can build an even more productive and rewarding future. Thus, it is with genuine pleasure that we applaud Wilberforce University on its recent accolade and extend best wishes for the years to come.”


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Dr. D. R. Buffinger, Provost

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