Students who have remained on or near campus throughout Hurricane Harvey are invited to participate in several activities being hosted by the Department of Student Affairs.

  • The Student Recreation Center will be open on a limited basis beginning tomorrow.  The Recreation Center will operate between 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. until normal operations can resume.
  • Beginning on Tuesday, Auxiliary Services will host screenings of two movies per day at The Memorial Student Center until the campus reopens.  Starting times will begin at 1:00 p.m. and again at 4:00 p.m.
  • The MSC Dining Hall will continue providing brunch (11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.) and dinner (4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.) accommodations.

Update  August 27 3:30 pm:


Due to ongoing safety concerns stemming from Hurricane Harvey, Prairie View A&M University, including the Northwest Houston Center (Spring) and the College of Nursing (downtown Houston) will remain closed through Wednesday, Aug. 30.

During this time, the University will continue to accommodate students who have elected to remain on or near campus.

The safety of our students, faculty and staff remains our primary concern. The Emergency Management Team will monitor the situation and make further adjustments to operations as conditions warrant. Please visit often for additional updates

Update August 25, 12 pm:

Due to ongoing concerns about the inclement weather, all Prairie View A&M University campuses will remain closed through Monday, August 28. We want our students, faculty and staff to remain safe. The university is prepared to accommodate students who elect to stay on campus and those who reside in university sponsored off-campus housing. Continue to check for updated information. For questions or concerns, please contact the University Police Department at 936-261-1375

August 24, 2 pm:

Prairie View A&M University’s main campus (City of Prairie View), the Northwest Houston Center (Spring) and the College of Nursing (downtown), will close at 12:00pm, Friday, Aug. 25, to allow students, faculty and staff to prepare for forecasted inclement weather. The university will remain closed through Sunday, Aug. 27. All academic and administrative functions are canceled during this time.

Parents who want to elect to pick up their student are encouraged to do so as soon as possible.  The university’s main campus, located on highway 290, is on an evacuation route, so please anticipate heavy traffic.

Students who remain on campus will receive communication through the Panther Alert System about sheltering in place or moving to an evacuation center. There will be adequate services and personnel to accommodate students who remain.

Students living off campus are encouraged to call the University Police Department at 936-261-1375 or contact the property general manager for updated information about on-campus shelter or evacuation procedures.  The Emergency Management Team will continue to monitor the storm and provide updates about  campus operations for Monday, Aug. 28. Continue to check the for updates.  Please note:  If conditions warrant, regular course registration will be extended.

Students, your safety is of the utmost importance to the university. Please be advised that you should at all times follow the safety advice given by university officials.

Hurricane Harvey Q&As

The Prairie View A&M University Emergency Management Team is issuing the following Question and Answer document to address concerns stemming from the forecasted inclement weather.

Q: How will the university accommodate students who have elected to stay on-campus?

Student safety is of the utmost importance to the university. Students who remain on campus should continue sheltering in their residence facilities. Emergency Command Center (ECC) officials will closely monitor the situation as it unfolds. If the ECC determines that students should be moved to a different location on campus for safety reasons, students will be notified by the on-site property managers and transported to a designated emergency location.

Q: Will food be provided to students who remain on campus?

Yes. The dining hall in the Memorial Student Center (MSC) will adhere to the following schedule until the university reopens. Food will be served at the following times:

11:00 a.m.- 1:00 p.m. Brunch
4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Dinner

Q: Should students who are currently scheduled to move into their residence hall on Saturday, August 26, still attempt to move?

The university will be closed from Friday, August 25 beginning at noon through Monday, August 28. For safety reasons, students who are scheduled to move into their residence facility on Saturday are discouraged from doing so. No student will lose his or her housing due to a delayed move-in caused by the inclement weather.

Q: Will the university accommodate those students living in off-campus housing?

Yes. The university is assessing how many students are currently being housed off-campus to ensure that food and water is available to them. Students living off-campus are welcome to eat at the MSC during its normal weekend operations schedule (above).

Students currently being housed in off-campus hotels will be provided with food options closer to their locations.

 Q: When will the campus reopen?

All PVAMU campuses will be closed from Friday, August 25 through Monday, August 28. Campuses are scheduled to reopen Tuesday, August 29. The Emergency Management Team will meet on Sunday, August 27 to assess the situation. Any new updates regarding continuing closures and/or delays will be provided to students, faculty and staff no later than 4:00p.m. on Sunday.   Please continue to check for updates and important information.

Q: How can I receive up-to-the-minute information?

Visit for updated information. We also encourage parents, students, faculty and staff to sign up for our Panther Alert System so that you will receive emails, phone calls and text messages from the university. The university also communicates via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on its official social media sites.

Concerned parents, students, faculty and staff should call 936-261-1375 in case of emergencies. Please note: Due to high call volumes, wait times may be lengthy.