Morgan State University Student Athlete Marquese Meadow Dies From A Heat Stroke

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marquese meadows

The Morgan State University Bears are mourning the loss of  football player Marquese Meadow. Meadow, a native of Washington D.C was a freshman at Morgan State & a football player for the Bears. On August 10th during one of the teams work out sessions the 6-foot-2, 300 pound defensive lineman  fell ill and was rushed to the hospital after reportedly becoming disoriented. After spending two weeks in the hospital, Marquese never regained consiousness from the coma and passed away on Sunday August 24th at Johns Hopkins Hospital. His autopsy results revealed that he died of heat stroke. Further details are unavalaible at this time.  Morgan State University described him as an “unselfish and a affable young man off the field but also a fierce competitor”. The Morgan State University family sends condolences to Mr. Meadow’s loved ones and are praying for their strength and comfort during this difficult time.