Melvin Boggard a 4.0 Student Receives $1,500 Hercules Scholarship

[Dallas, TX – May 28th, 2015]

Student:Melvin Bogard

GPA :4.0

Hometown : Washington, D.C

Major/ Class: Journalism Communications / Junior

Melvin, a Junior at the University of the District of Columbia  was named the Tom Joyner Foundation “Hercules Scholar ” for this week.

Mr. Bogard is originally from New Orleans Louisiana  and he currently holds a 4.0 GPA and is majoring in Human Development  at the University of the District of Columbia. After earning his degree at  UDC , he plans to have a career in Public Affairs to build awarness to low-income and disenfranchised citizens  In the community Melvin volunteers with an organization called Some Others Might Eat ( S.O.M.E)

The most influential person in Melvin’s life is his mother. He mentions that his mother instilled in to work hard and believe in God and the world could be his

He lives by the quote “When people tell you know use it to propel to achieve success”   #UDC #UDC1851