Meet Nigel Alexander Ivery our Hercules Scholar of the week from Savannah State University



Major: Computer Science Technology
Classification: Junior

G.P.A: 4.0
Career goal: Intelligence Officer or Information Warfare Officer in the U.S Army

Hometown: Jackson, MI

A Texas-size congrats to our Hercules Scholarship recipient of the week.

Hello, my name is Nigel Alexander-Ivery. I am currently applying for the 2018 Hercules Scholar for the Tom Joyner Foundation. My current major is computer science technology. I am a junior enrolled at Savannah State University. My G.P.A is currently a 4.0. After college, I plan to join the Navy as an Intelligence Officer or Information Warfare Officer. Then, after my current contract is up, I plan to join the secret service or get into a government intelligence agency, whether it be the C.I.A. or the D.I.A.

Currently, I serve as the Treasurer of the Honor’s Program Student Council and a member of the NASA Rover Challenge Club. Our organization is planning on building a rover and competing against other schools in the nation in an obstacle course including large mountains and hills. The most influential people in my life would have to be my parents, Dr. Walter Isaac, and Mr. Steve Keinath. My parents, of course, have raised me to be the responsible man I am today. They taught me to go after anything that I strive for and pushed me, so I can achieve greater things in life and in my future.

Dr. Isaac was one of the first professors I met when coming to Savannah State. He’s taught me numerous things about my potential and what the future has in store for me. He’s the one person that was able to get me out of my shell and speak up on issues that concern me. Mr. Keinath was my programming professor back when I was in high school. Without him, I would have never found my love for computer science or programming in general.

A motto of mine that I always try to live by is something my dad taught me. He had told me, “It takes no energy at all to be happy.” That motto had always stuck with me because it has taught me to try to be positive even through times of strife and sadness. I try to find the bright side of any situation, so I do not become bogged down with negative energy. Through this motto, it also taught me to live life one day at a time and to try to enjoy myself for however long I may be on this earth.

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