Howard Alum Dr. Roger A. Mitchell, Jr. Details His Journey To Freedom In New Book

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Date: October 22,2014

Contact: Angelique R. Mitchell

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WASHINGTON, DC, October 22,2014 – Dr. Roger A. Mitchell Jr., the youngest Chief Medical Examiner on the East Coast, has penned his first narrative nonfiction book, The Price of Freedom: A Son’s Journey. The Price of Freedom offers readers a no-holds-barred look into Dr. Mitchell’s life as he embarks on a fatherless journey into manhood, due to his once loving and attentive father’s crippling addiction to cocaine. It is through his faith in God, determination, and sheer gumption that Dr. Mitchell perserveres in high school, college and medical school while achieving several “firsts” along the way.

Dr. Mitchell has come full circle in forgiving his absentee father and realizing the ultimate liberty and peace in wholeheartedly serving others. One of the primary reasons Dr. Mitchell wrote this book is because he believes, ” Mentors help young people navigate and interpret life lessons. Weather that mentor is in the form of family, friends, a coach or a counselor, having a consistent caring adult in the life of a young person may arguably be the single most important predictor of success”

“The Price of Freedom is a powerful and timely masterpiece the illustrates the importance of mentoring beginning in the home, forgiveness being paramount to healing, and the internal and external transformation that takes place when a man commits to a life of service. Bravo!”

Stephen Powell, Executive Director, Mentoring USA

The Price of Freedom: A Son’s Journey is available online wherever books are sold. (Paperback ISBN 978-0-692-25264-2);(Kindle ISBN 978-0-692-27689-1)


About The Author

Dr. Roger Mitchell Jr is board certified in Anatomic And Forensic Pathology by the American Board of Pathology. He is a Fellow with the American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP) and the National Association of Medical Examiners (NAME).

Roger A. Mitchell, Jr. MD is what one would call a modern day CSI, He is a board certified Forensic Pathologist & Medical Examiner and graduate of Howard University. Dr. Mitchell has performed over 1300 autopsies and is the 1st African American man in FBI DNA Laboratories. Dr. Mitchell’s latest achievement comes as he details his life of service in his new book “The Price Of Freedom: A Son’s Journey”.

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