HBCU Philanthropist & Dallas Businessman Comer J. Cottrell, Jr. Has Died At Age 82



Business and Philanthropy Pioneer Comer J.Cottrell, Jr has passed away at the age of 82 this morning in his Dallas home. Cottrell is the genius behind Pro-Line hair care, home to leading brands Just for Me and Soft and Beautiful. Building one of the most successful African American hair care lines, Cottrell also mentored several entrepreneurs and was a beloved philanthropist. He is noted as being responsible for financially rescuing Paul Quinn College, and bringing the college from its original campus in Waco, to Dallas where he donated land that he purchased for $ 1.5 Million in a auction from Bishop College in 1990. He then invested another $1.7 million for renovations. Cottrell was also part-owner of the Texas Rangers from 1989-1998. He is the first African American to hold an equity stake in a major league team. Cottrell is the father of five children, Renee Brown, Aaron, Comer III, Bryce and Lance. Mr. Cottrell will be missed & forever remembered for his generosity,his love and contributions to Dallas.

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