Grambling sets the record straight: family in the Guinness Book of Records

The Wayne Family of Marion, La. has been accepted into the Guinness Book of Records. The family has the most graduates from a single university with 86 family members that attended Gramling State University. 52 members graduated from Grambling, but due to some missing and/or lost documentation, Guinness accepted 40 graduates. The graduates, spanning the years  between 1956 through 2010, graduated with degrees ranging from music education to electrical engineering.

Hattie Wayne, a 1971 graduate of Grambling, is proud of the legacy her family has left.

“For the Wayne family, Grambling State University has been our “village.” Education has always been of importance. We believe our efforts of giving back will leave a legacy and will inspire others.”

Cousins Hattie Wayne (right) and Sheila E. Williams studied documents of family members who attended Grambling State. The family’s long history at Grambling helped it achieve a world record.

The previous record was set by an Alabama family that had 15 graduates of the same college or university.

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Image courtesy, Michael Ainsworth/Staff Photographer