Give thanks! Celebrating today’s SSU Hercules Scholar, Kennedy Carroll

GPA: 3.5
Hometown: Decatur, Georgia
Major: Performing arts
Classification: Sophomore
Career goal: to become a successful actor/director

Congratulations to Kennedy Carroll, this week’s Hercules scholarship winner. The sophomore, performing arts major, strives to become a successful actor/director. Read more about Kennedy Carroll, in his own words, below.

Greetings! My name is Kennedy Carroll and I am majoring in Performing Arts at Savannah State University. I plan on using my degree to become a successful actor/director. Eventually, I will open up my own acting company and create programs that will provide the youth, who love arts such as dance, singing, acting and painting, the opportunity to perfect their craft.

Also, my program will get kids to think about pursuing the Arts as a career on a higher level of learning like college or a school of arts. During my senior year of high school, I was confused because I didn’t know what I wanted to do but I always loved music, dancing and acting. My two brothers, who have already graduated from college, sat me down and ask what I was going to do. I replied with I’m going to college, not knowing for what, because I never took performing art classes in high school.  

My brother sat down with me and helped me decide what my major was going to be. My mother and brothers have always motivated me without knowing. I witnessed my mother working two jobs while raising three men. My brothers also showed me that we can go anywhere as long as we keep faith. I did exactly what they said but in my own way. I went off to college and joined NAACP, Players By The Sea, and Men of Alliance organizations. I love all of the organizations because they all serve the community and the University. I love to be involved in community service and giving back, because sometimes I would come home not knowing if the power was going to be on. 

I know how it feels to lay on concrete, so I don’t take a moment for granted. I live by the saying, “I only look back to see how far I’ve come”. In my perspective, that means I understand the situation I was in, but it will not affect my future. This is because of the wisdom that I have from my past experiences. The whole time, I was always trying to be a better man that I had around me growing up, but I realized I was becoming a great man. 

Last summer, I was getting a haircut from my barber, he told me that he’s proud that I made something out of myself. He knew me since I was six and would always pass good wisdom to me. Also, he will preach how great of a man I’m becoming. Everyday when I wake up and look in the mirror, I think about how far I came and how far I have to go in life. Yes, life is hard and has its challenges, but the wisdom that I have from my past keeps me humble and on the right track. 

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