Future Accountant & SSU Junior Jean Pierre Washington is Today’s Hercules Scholar

GPA: 3.95
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Major: Accounting
Classification: Junior
Career goal: to become a certified public accountant and tax attorney

Congratulations to Jean Pierre Washington, today’s Hercules scholarship winner. The junior accounting major strives to become a certified public accountant and tax attorney. Read more about Jean Pierre, in his own words, below.

After I am awarded the Bachelor of Business Administration degree in accounting, my immediate plans are to complete the additional requirements to be eligible to sit for the certified public accounting exam. I will need additional accounting credit hours and at least one year of field experience to become a licensed professional to practice in the accounting industry.

Through my matriculation in undergraduate studies, I have been involved in a variety of school programs and organizations. During my freshman year, I was elected as the treasurer for the Freshmen Living and Learning Center hall council. This experience allowed me to become acquainted with my dormitory, peers, residential assistants, and the residential director.

During the first semester of my sophomore year, I got involved with the University’s work-study program. I worked as a student assistant for the athletic training staff, which I traveled frequently with the football team. In the spring of my sophomore year, I applied and was selected to be a residential assistant in the University Commons apartment-style housing. In addition, I was elected and held the position as the senator for the Savannah State University Accounting Association.

As a junior, I have strived to become more involved on campus. I am a residential assistant in the Freshmen Living and Learning Center. I asked to be moved to a traditional housing facility because I want to share my experiences as a freshman and help the next generation transition to the college life. Also, I work in tutorial services specifically for the College of Business Administration. I assist students in the principles of financial and managerial accounting courses. I was recommended to become a tutor because of my grade point average in the principle courses. I am also the Vice-President of membership for the SSU Accounting Association.

Basketball player Derrick Rose is an influential person in my life because of his resiliency. Given that we come from a similar low socio-economic background; and were both born and raised on the south side of Chicago, his actions pose a great influence on my life. His ability to take the game of basketball and change others’ perception on life is very persuasive. He continues to strive to be great and motivate others after two devastating injuries, which encourages me to never give up even if I reach my lowest point in life.

Paula Mooney, my first accounting professor and current mentor, is an influential person for me regarding my profession. Her opinions exert great influence on me because of her accomplishments as a practitioner without many resources or the backing of a large accounting firm. Mooney has much knowledge about the accounting industry. She has steadily climbed the ranks, and gained the ultimate respect from fellow accounting professionals. She was installed as the first female president for the Georgia Society of Public Accountants. Therefore, when she speaks, I listen and use her energy as motivation to one day accomplish great things as a licensed professional.

I live by the adage, “proper preparation prevents poor performance”. This speaks volumes in day-to-day life because nothing can hold me back from being successful if I set myself up for success by setting goals and executing those plans.

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Cherie S. White
Cherie S. White
Cherie S. White is Director of Digital Strategy for the Tom Joyner Foundation, a writer and editor.

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