A Flight Is Scheduled For The Six Tuskegee University Students In Liberia

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Tuskegee University has confirmed return flight details for the six students delayed in Liberia. The students will depart from Liberia on Aug. 17 and then travel from Accra, Ghana to the U.S. on Aug. 18. The students are currently housed in a safe location and university officials are in contact with them daily. Again, there have been no signs of illness reported amongst the students.

“We are pleased that the matter of securing our students’ safe return has progressed exponentially…” –¬†Brian Johnson, Ph.D., Tuskegee University President

Despite the delayed start to their fall studies, the university is working with academic officers to ease the transition of our students into the semester, which begins Aug. 20.

“We are grateful to our Liberian host for ensuring the care and safety of our students during their study abroad experience.” –¬†President Johnson

The university will continue to provide more updates as they become available.

(Source: Tuskegee University Office Of Communications, Public Relations & Marketing)

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