Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Will Be Speaker at Bethune-Cookman Commencement

Controversial Education Secretary Betsy DeVos will deliver the keynote address to graduates at Bethune-Cookman University’s 2017 commencement ceremony.

In a news release Monday, the university said: “Much like Dr. Bethune, Founder of Bethune-Cookman University, Secretary DeVos deems the importance of opportunity and hope for students to receive an exceptional education experience. Her mission to empower parents and students resonates with the history and legacy of Dr. Bethune.”

“Dr. Bethune’s love for students started with five little girls and grew to over 250 students during her time as university president,” Edison Jackson, the college’s president, said in the statement.

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Cherie S. White
Cherie S. White
Cherie S. White is Director of Digital Strategy for the Tom Joyner Foundation, a writer and editor.