Dr. Kassie Freeman presents at Comparative Education World Congress in Brazil

Alcorn State, Miss. (June 27, 2013) – Dr. Kassie Freeman, director of strategic innovation at Alcorn State University, attended the XV Comparative Education World Congress held June 24-28, 2013, by the School of Economics, Buenos Aires University, Brazil.

Dr. Freeman served as president of the Comparative International Education Society
(CIES) in 2003-2004. She was the second African-American and the first HBCU
representative to be elected as president of the organization.

“Every country has its own CIES group,” explained Dr. Freeman. “Every three years, all
the CIES groups come from around the world to meet at the Congress. And this
year, my colleague, Jason Hughes of Stand for Children organization, and I
presented our research on ‘Predominantly Black Campuses in the USA, Brazil, and
Columbia: Global Challenges and Opportunities’.”

These three countries have the largest black population outside of Africa, with Brazil having 140
million, U.S – approximately 30-40 million, and Columbia – 25 million.

“Alcorn was chosen as the focus of the research for HBCUs because of the
vision that our President M. Christopher Brown II has for the globalization of
the University,” Freeman said. “Three campuses, including Alcorn, were selected
to host Brazilian students this year. Dr. Dovi Alipoe, director, Global Programs
at Alcorn, and I are working on establishing connections between our University
and predominantly black campuses in Brazil and Columbia. We are envisioning this
relationship to place Alcorn at the forefront of broadly educating our own
students and students from the diaspora.”


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