Dedication of Birthright Alumni Hall at Stillman College


Pictured left to right are Dr. Ernest McNealey, President of Stillman College; Judge Eligah D. Clark, Chairman of the Buildings and Grounds Committee; and Wal-mart executive Tracy Rosser, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, at the Dedication of Birthright Alumni Hall on the College campus.


Mary Sood



Birthright was named for two former slaves, Charles and Bettie Birthright, who bequethed five hundred and sixty acres of rich farmland to the College. At the time, this was the largest single gift ever received by the institution and it continued to be Stillman’s largest block of endowment for many years.

In 1951, Birthright was constructed and named in their honor. Years ago, the cinder blocks were painted, the buildingwas expanded and a gable was added to the covered entrance leading to Birthright’s vestibule. The newest renovations restored the symmetry lost in 2003 when bleachers were added to the south side of the masonry block building. Bleachers have now been added to the north side of the building to expand seating and create a mirror image.

The 23,610 square foot expansion and renovation project includes expanded office space, concession and restroom additions, a renovated foyer, a trophy room and new flooring. The Board of Trustees, faculty, staff and well-wishers from the community attended the Dedication.

The Board of Trustees, faculty, staff and well-wishers from the community.

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