CSU professor wins 2013 Geological Society of America Exxon Award

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WILBERFORCE, OH – Dr. DeBonne Wishart, geology professor in the Water Resources Management Department of the College of Science and Engineering at Central State University is the winner of the prestigious 2013 Geological Society of America (GSA)/ExxonMobil Bighorn Basin Field Award sponsored by ExxonMobil Corporation.

The field award, presented annually to a few geology professors (the top 5 among a select pool of very talented applicants from across the Nation) was published in the July 2013 edition of the ‘GSA Today’.

The one-week field seminar conducted annually by ExxonMobil offers faculty members and students a world-class educational experience in ‘Integrated Basin Analysis and the ‘Hydrocarbon Systems Play Elements’ of the spectacular Bighorn Basin of North Central Wyoming.

Dr. Wishart has brought a vast wealth of knowledge and expertise on integrated basin analysis and some specialized aspects of petroleum prospecting from her experience and training received during the field seminar to our department and the Geology Program.

“She has raised the standard, quality, and instruction of geology at Central State University, engaging tour students in inquiry-based, hands-on, and multiple-assessment methods that include relating critical thinking and analysis of real-world geologic problems impacting our environment. Her unique field experiences will be shared with our students in the Geology program,” said Dr. Subriamania Sritharan, dean of the College of Science and Engineering, and professor of Water Resources Management and Environmental Engineering.

In 2012, Wishart was one of 33 international recipients of the Geological Society of America (GSA) and the U.S. National Committee for the International Union of Geological Sciences (USNC/GS) Travel Award to the 34th International Geological Congress (IGC) in Brisbane Australia, where she presented her research on the ‘Hydrogeochemistry and Geothermometry of Thermal Waters of Jamaica’.

Last month, she accepted the invitation from GSA as ‘GSA Campus Representative’ for Central State University.

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