Not your Typical Howard University student

Alyssa Paddock poses with several friends at Howard University (Family Photo Courtesy of Alyssa Paddock – Courtesy of Alyssa Paddock)

“When I decided to attend Howard, I knew going in that I would be a minority but I really didn’t know what this would mean on a day to day basis over the course of four years. Two years in, I’ve learned a lot about myself and about the black community.”

Alyssa Paddock is a Caucasian female who chose to attend Howard University, a historically black university. Racial demographics have never been a factor to Alyssa, but going into Howard, Alyssa didn’t know what this would mean on a daily basis for four years. Two years in, Alyssa has learned a lot about herself and the black community. Going to an HBCU, as a Caucasian female, has benefited Alyssa tremendously.

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