Cheyney University Opens New Science Center

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Cheyney University Of Pennsylvania opens the doors to it’s State Of  The Art Science Center. The 40,000 square foot, $23 million building is the newest academic building constructed on Cheney’s campus in 30 yrs. The building will be home to Cheney’s greenhouse,chemistry, biology, physics and computer laboratories,and planetarium. A Ribbon cutting ceremony will take place on September 3rd at 4pm with Cheyney’s administrators, trustees and Cheyney Alum Thaddeus kirkland. The building which is targeted for Leed certification opened for classes in August. The building’s Green characteristics include a rain garden, a demonstration green roof, and utilizes a energy saving system for lighting! The flooring features linoleum tile and bamboo wainscoting,there are cisterns on the roof to collect rain water which will be used to flush the low flow toilet  fixtures. 50% of the project’s waste was recycled to minimize landfill waste. The building will be used as a tool to teach students sustainability and demonstrates Cheyney University’s commitment to address the underrepresentation of minorities and women in the science, technology and mathematics fields.