Leroy Campbell

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Artist, Collagist

According to Mr. Campbell, “I am a self-taught artist reared in two cities rich in African American culture, born in Charleston, South Carolina and raised in New York City. My works take a critical view of social, political and cultural issues of the African American life.

As a child of the south, and an descendent of the Gullah people of South Carolina, my creative influences have been profoundly affected by my lineage. My current series, entitled, “The Newspaper Series”, evolved out of a preceding body of work that focused on Gullah culture and history. These stylized images reflect many of the ideologies of the Gullah culture from a contemporary perspective.

Most of my works are created using collage techniques, and the newspapers play a significant role making the work cohesive. Each piece of newspaper has an important connection to the paintings that lie atop. In addition to the use of newspapers in this particular series; many of the works are layered with acrylic paints, fabrics and other found objects. These objects and varied mediums create the narrative that I am so inspired to share.”

Source:  http://leroycampbellart.com/#!/page_about

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