Answering the Call: Tougaloo Student & Future Anesthesiologist, John Johnson, is Today’s Hercules Scholar

GPA: 3.96
Hometown: Greenville, MS
Major: Biology
Classification: Junior
Career goal: Anesthesiologist

Congratulations to Tougaloo junior and future anesthesiologist, John Johnson. He is today’s recipient of our Hercules Scholarship.

In his hometown in the Mississippi Delta, John has seen firsthand the devastating affects of the lack of healthcare and history of medical care in his community and in this country.

“Due to the egregious treatment of black bodies during the development of modern medicine, there is a massive distrust of physicians in African American communities,” John wrote. It was from this that John decided to be a solution to this problem.

In addition to his studies, John is active on campus and in the community as a Jackson Heart Study Scholar, tutor for Tougaloo’s Student Success Center and volunteer at the Delta Regional Medical Center. After graduation, this bright scholar plans to further his education at the Brown Alpert Medical School.

John is most influenced by his parents, who he says “influence me through their tenacity to continue to strive despite the different obstacles they encounter.”

He lives by the motto, “Be yourself.”

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Cherie S. White
Cherie S. White
Cherie S. White is Director of Digital Strategy for the Tom Joyner Foundation, a writer and editor.

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