HBCU Student Who Was Affected by Hurricane Katrina Tell’s Story 10 Years Later



[Dallas, TX – August 24th]

Katrina remains the most catastrophic and costly hurricane in U.S. history  as we are approaching 10 years since the hurricane .The historic storm killed almost 2,000 people, left thousands stranded without homes and scarred many lives for years to come.

During this time not only was the community of New Orleans affected but our HBCU’s were affected as well. The Tom Joyner Foundation during this time put together a one of its biggest fundraisers yet and raised money for HBCUs. Students who were affected by the hurricane and transferred schools the Tom Joyner Foundation help these students get back in to college.

Below we highlight students who received scholarships from us during this time.

Tiphania Johnson

Tiphania Johnson

 Here is Tiphania Johnson and before Hurricane Katrina she attended Dillard university 03-05 then after the  hurricane she  she attended Univ. Of  Tennessee  06-08 and Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise  Science  . The biggest change  for her was having to adapt to a new environment,  culture, food,  and lifestyle  different from New Orleans. Tiphania  received a lot of  financial  assistance from the Tom Joyner foundation and  found out through social media and ” what a  blessing it was”.

  A quote she  live by is that “everything happens for a reason”&  “God makes no mistakes”. She says that ” in this  10th  anniversary let us  celebrate rebirth and not dwell  on the destruction and devastation.” Currently, she is    serving  in the Navy  and has been now for 5 years and is  stationed in Washington State.