Allen University To Host 2015 Presidential Justice Forum

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BET News correspondent Jeff Johnson to Host the 2015 Presidential Justice Forum with Top 2016 Presidential Candidates


WASHINGTON, DC– The 20/20 Leaders of America (20/20 Club) will partner with BET Networks on the 2015 Presidential Justice Forum on November 21, 2015 at Allen University in Columbia, SC.  BET News correspondent Jeff Johnson will host the forum at which top 2016 presidential hopefuls will articulate their plans and respond to questions about issues of justice that continue to punctuate headlines around the nation. Dr. Ben Carson, Martin O’Malley, and Senator Bernie Sanders will engage the audience beginning at 1:00PM ET.  The event will be streamed LIVE on


Led by co-chairs former Hall County Georgia Commissioner Ashley D. Bell (R), and Columbia, South Carolina City Councilman Brian Newman, the 20/20 Club is a diverse and bi-partisan collective of elected officials, law enforcement, prosecutors, criminal defense attorneys, professionals, and community leaders from across the country united to elevate issues disproportionately affecting communities above partisan politics.


In 2015, the 20/20 club has hosted intimate “Listening Sessions” designed to engage top presidential candidates from both parties on preeminent and timely issues facing the black community; beginning with criminal justice reform, community policing, and the dispensation of justice in light of civil unrest across America.


The 2015 Presidential Justice Forum is the culmination of the first series of listening sessions with top 2016 hopefuls, the Republican National Committee (RNC), and the Democratic National Committee (DNC).


“This has never happened before. Gathering leading candidates during a presidential election cycle to discuss issues of justice that disproportionately affect communities of color. This unique event has to be shared with communities around the nation. An icon of black news and entertainment like BET Networks is uniquely positioned to share this step in the policy making process and ensure those most affected by issues of justice have a front row seat.  – Ashley D. Bell (R), Former Hall County Georgia Commissioner and 20/20 Club Co-Chair.


All of the leading Presidential campaigns have been invited to the November 21st town-hall style forum hosted at Allen University, a historically black college.  The forum will also provide the first of its kind “Drum Poll” a straw poll of the attendees who place a priority on criminal justice reform and community policing. The Drum poll will feature the names of all major candidates running for President.


“BET Networks bringing a respected voice like Jeff Johnson to host the 2015 Presidential Justice Forum solidifies this one-of-a-kind forum as a premiere event during the 2016 election cycle.  Millions of viewers, many of them personally impacted by issues of justice in America, will now have a trusted voice to guide the conversation and take their questions. Our goal is simple, fundamental change. This is an incredible next step.  – Brian Newman (D), City Councilman, Columbia South Carolina and 20/20 Leaders Club Co-Chair.


At the Forum, each candidate will have the opportunity to engage directly with local elected officials, law enforcement, and leaders from across the country that are meeting these challenges every day with resilience and success.


“BET Networks continues to make a concerted effort to mobilize the significant voting bloc of unregistered African-Americans and encourage them to sign up and get to the polls,” said Debra L. Lee, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, BET Networks. “Joining forces with the 20/20 Leaders of America, a dominant voice in the conversation around issues of justice, provides our audience with a platform for comprehensive dialogue on the topics that matter most in the community.”


The Forum will be co-hosted by the 20/20 Club and Facebook, along with the National Black Police Association, National League of Cities Black Caucus, Insight America, and IMPACT.


20/20 Leaders of America (@The2020Club)– a bi-partisan collective of local elected officials, law enforcement, professionals, and community leaders from across the country – is leading the conversation on justice issues with 2016 Presidential Candidates. United for positive change, the 20/20 Leaders of America have been engaging the 2016 Presidential Candidates through intimate Presidential Listening Sessions preeminent and timely issues such as criminal justice reform, community policing, and the dispensation of justice are addressed with the goal of each presidential candidate developing a plan of action that will result in measurable positive outcomes by what would be the end of his or her first term as President in 2020.

BET NETWORKS will live stream the Justice Forum on NOVEMBER 21 AT 1 PM ET

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