Got Your “6” ? TJF Celebrates Veterans Day 2016


In the military, the endearing term “Got your 6” dates back to World War I, meaning “I’ve got your back.

Today,  veterans, we’ve got your back! In appreciation of the hard working veterans attending HBCUs, we’re asking that TJF supporters make a $6 donation to today’s “Got your 6” campaign in honor of Veterans attending HBCUs.

Historically, African-American’s have been fighting all their lives; for freedom, for equality, and for their country.



Well-known African American Veterans

  1. Crispus Attucks
  2. Lewis Martin
  3. Nurse Susie King Taylor
  4. The Union Army
  5. Buffalo Soliders
  6. Tuskegee Airmen
  7. Corporal Freddie Stowers
  8. Staff Sergeant Clifford Chester Sims
  9. General Collin Powell
  10. Colonel Margaret Bailey

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