2018 Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage Artists

Expand or Start Your Art Collection on board the 2018 Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage!

You’ll get a chance to meet and greet these artists in the FV18 Gallery.

The Tom Joyner Foundation Art Gallery is featuring the works of some of the nation’s top African-American artists. You’ll get a chance to see great pieces from Cathy and Walter Shannon’s E&S Art Gallery, Lobyn HamiltonDeborah Shedrick, and Charles Bibbs.

This year’s new feature is “Gallery Talk”. Here’s your chance to have an in-depth conversation with these outstanding artists questions to learn more about their inspiration, their work, their careers and the importance of African-American artists to HBCUs and history in America.

Here’s some background about the artists:

E&S is an award-winning gallery with a reputation of providing clients with exquisite, award-winning custom framing and collectible artwork.  In 2015, E&S was named “Best Gallery in Kentucky” and one of the “Top 25 Galleries in The U.S.” by American Art Awards. E&S specializes in original and limited edition fine art graphics, prints, and sculpture by African American artists ranging from prominent old master like Elizabeth Catlett, Jacob Lawrence, and Richard Mayhew, to highly sought after contemporary masters like Dean Mitchell, Twin, and Charles Bibbs to hot up and comers like Walter Lobyn, Sherry Shine, and Tammie Demessie.

While in high school, Lobyn Hamilton asked his father for turntables and he eventually became a DJ and vinyl record collector. Unfortunately, advances in technology have made vinyl obsolete for today’s DJ. Hamilton now creates vinyl art as a tribute to music, artists, life, DJing, and icons alike. This is his tribute to the feelings and memories he established and remembers from his dealings with music and vinyl records.

Hamilton has been drawing since he was young. He was extremely proficient at shading with pencil, creating meticulous images that took months to finish. He is also proficient in painting and using color charcoal was learned. The art of Hamilton is taking the country by storm and he has achieved so much in just 4 short years, including taking home first place in BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® 2013 Artisan Series to now having his work appear on the set of the popular new hit TV series, Empire.

Deborah Shedrick creates work that displays a timeless, calm spirit from herself to her clients. Combining realism and abstract with a combination of soft colors give her works the illusion of art for every home. Shedrick’s art has been placed on book covers and in television shows, and films.

Internationally acclaimed artist Charles Bibbs has work featured in museums, galleries, organizations, and homes of many collectors. His work displays a deep sense of Spirituality, Majesty, Dignity, Strength and Grace in his images.  He is able to do this using a combination of realistic and larger-than-life interpretations of contemporary subjects that are ethnically rooted.

Born in San Pedro, California, and raised in Harbor City, Calif., Bibbs managed to work an eight-hour job and use his God-given talent in his spare time. But in 1991, Bibbs decided to leave his management position of 25 years, to form his publishing and distribution company, B Graphics and Fine Arts, Inc. Today, Bibbs is one of the top-selling artists in the country, and his business has grown to be one of the leaders in the African American art print market.

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