15 Reasons Why Attending a HBCU is Unique

morehouse graduation


Why wouldn’t you want to be around all this black excellence? Article from  Taryn Finley at Huffington Post:

1. The yard runneth over with black excellence.

Students in your class are usually balancing the work of several classes, an internship, pledging a sorority or fraternity and likely hold a position on the royal court (a group led by a king and queen who help serve the student body), all without breaking a sweat. How, Sway?

2. HBCU alumni paved the way.

Graduates of HBCUs have impacted almost every industry or movement that has existed over the last century or so. Just a few examples are Morehouse graduate Martin Luther King, Jr., Howard University graduate Toni Morrison, Tennessee State University graduate Oprah Winfrey and Lincoln University graduate Langston Hughes.

3. The HBCU network is like an extended family.

If you went to a HBCU, it’s likely you’ll run into fellow graduates from the same school in the real world; and when you do, you’ll share an immediate bond. The HBCU alumni network has a plethora of opportunities and life-long friends. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

4. And Homecoming is the family reunion.

Homecoming season may be where the phrase “ain’t no party like an HBCU party” came from. You don’t buy new outfits, get a fresh haircut and make sure your make up is flawless just to watch a football game. Homecoming is a time for fellowship, libations and the ultimate turn-up.

5. You go off every time Drake mentions your school’s name.

Drake love HBCUs, or at least that’s according to his lyrics. Remember when he said this in “Make Me Proud:” “Sound so smart like you graduated college/like you went to Yale, but you probably went to Howard?” Or this in “Used To:” “With the bands like I must’ve went to Clark, went to Hampton/I ain’t playin’ with it.” Great job. Now, can we get a scholarship fund, Aubrey?

6. It’s always a fashion show on the yard.

Why is everyone dapper? Why is everyone so fly? It’s only Tuesday.

7. Your “glow up” game will be on 100 by senior year.

If you don’t get the memo during your first semester, you will by sophomore year: Massive growth is inevitable. Get ready to be transformed.

8. Contrary to popular belief, HBCUs are very diverse.

You’ll find people from around the world on a HBCU campus. You don’t have to take a class to learn about different cultures because the black diaspora is likely fully represented in your dormitory. Outside of black people, you’ll find all races on HBCU campuses. Contrary to popular belief, they aren’t exclusive to just black people. They’re actually becoming more white.

9. Dealing with the financial aid office will build character.

Sometimes, going to the financial aid office will feel like a fruitless endeavor. Sometimes you’ll cry. Sometimes you’ll curse. Sometimes you’ll do both — but stay strong. It will give you the resilience of a kitten heel holding steady under the weight of a baby elephant.

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